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Thursday 8 July 2021

Real World’s Coming Home

They believed in Gareth Southgate and his squad from the start. Of course they did - honestly. All those modern-day examples of what Robin Day memorably and rightly called “here today and gone tomorrow politicians” were either at Wembley Stadium last night, or claimed to have been glued to their TV screens, as England advanced to the final of Euro 2020 - further than at any major championship since the World Cup win of 1966.

Oh look out, another Government minister just arrived

There was alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, England shirt hastily and awkwardly worn over the top of his work shirt, and with a jacket thrown over the top. And watching from home, Priti Patel, who has inexplicably been made Home Secretary, also wore an England shirt, which looked fresh out of its wrapper.

Popularity? I'll have some of that, thanks

Bozo claimed “we’re behind you [England]” while Ms Patel added “Just brilliant. Well done [Three Lions] … Football’s coming home”. But here a problem entered: both of these flexibly-principled individuals had previously declined to condemn those “fans” who had booed the England team when they took the knee prior to kick-off.

Auto-smirk set to stun

Worse, their boot boys in our free and fearless press had sneered at any action which involved the England team being united in opposition to racism and other forms of bigotry, dissing Southgate’s own “Dear England”, where he reminded us that, for all those players over the years, representing England was “a profound privilege”. There was more.

Maximum hypocrisy reached yet?

Our players are role models. And, beyond the confines of the pitch, we must recognise the impact they can have on society. We must give them the confidence to stand up for their teammates and the things that matter to them as people … I have never believed that we should just stick to football … I have a responsibility to the wider community to use my voice, and so do the players”. Then came the part that stuck in right-wingers’ craws.

Nope - hold my beer

It’s their duty to continue to interact with the public on matters such as equality, inclusivity and racial injustice, while using the power of their voices to help put debates on the table, raise awareness and educate”. And he had a message for the bigots: “I have some bad news. You’re on the losing side. It’s clear to me that we are heading for a much more tolerant and understanding society, and I know our lads will be a big part of that”.

So when Bozo and Ms Patel declared their support for England yesterday, their fair weather friendship was duly called out. Even the Tweeter called Larry the Cat warned Bozo “If you didn’t have their back then, don’t claim to have it now”. James Felton considered the inadvertent hilarity generated by foolish Tory gobshite Lee Anderson in refusing to watch England play, because the players took the knee.

David Schneider contrasted Priti Patel’s stance last month to her stance last night, while one Tweeter scolded Ms Patel “Utter hypocrisy from you. BTW they're still kneeling, still feeding kids, still wearing rainbows - and these wins will just be cementing their political power”, with another pointing out that many England players have migrant heritage.

And Jo Maugham concluded “Had Priti Patel and Boris Johnson believed England would succeed would they have attacked the team for taking the knee? Of course not: they were betting on failure”. We are led not merely by donkeys, but opportunist hypocrites. Meanwhile, Southgate and his team actually show leadership. Funny old game.

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Anonymous said...

God forbid it’s awful. Fat gammon booing the danish national anthem while waving laser pens around and subsequently letting fireworks off outside the ground. Fake politicians cheering on the team a fortnight before they attacked. Wtf has this nation come to? I honestly wish Southgate and the team would make an announcement abstaining from Sunday’s final en mass. Someone needs to teach these incredibly sick fucks some manners.

Unknown said...

Love your work, comrade; however, opportunistic, hypocritical, vain donkeys is more to the point.

Nigel Stapley said...

Did you see Claire Fox (News), Baroness Brexit, Lady Semtex herself getting seriously ratio'd on Twitter?


Anonymous said...

I love footy and I love my country.

What I don't need is a giant wankfest fronted by flag shagging gammons, bought-and-paid-for media propagandists, gobshite phony politicians, over-the-hill "pundits", and tedious same-again footage of pissed up morons.

I fervently want England to win well but hopefully without the cringeworthy plastic "patriotism" and prawn sandwich bullshit. Some hope.

grim northerner said...

The England team is now serving as the defacto opposition, injecting compassion and decency into the British/English national psyche and encouraging an inclusive notion of English patriotism, no wonder some Tories are boycotting them!