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Friday 9 July 2021

Heineken Refreshed By Idiots

Commodity lager, the archetypal advertising agency beer, having to be marketed remorselessly as something desirable when it could not do so by itself, is one of my least favourite tipples. Nor, as anyone who has encountered me at media bashes over the years will attest, do I drink beer - any beer - out of the bottle. So the latest promotional effort from Heineken would not normally feature on my beer radar. Or, indeed, any other radar.

It is? Tell us more ...

But the advert has featured on my radar for other reasons - mainly that it has proved an excellent way, both to bring the wacko conspiracy theorists out from under their bridges, and to guarantee that Heineken sell a lot more of their entirely avoidable beer.

... oh look out, tinfoil hat trigger!

That advert shows an improbable group of people - as they are all enjoying drinking Heineken straight out of the bottle - enjoying themselves somewhere warm and idyllic. The group, of mainly older people, dance, party, strip off and go for a dip - and then comes the strapline: “The night belongs to the vaccinated … Time to join them”. TRIGGER!

Who would care to make a complete idiot of themselves? One Tweeter with a bio that claims “IMPOSSIBLE TO CATCH A VIRUS! COVID & CLIMATE CHANGE ARE SCAMS *JABS DEPOPULATE*” certainly would. “Their advert is promoting genocide by the jabs, contains satanic symbology and suggestions of enslavement. Its [sic] also medical coercement but no-one seems to monitoring this trend from companies”. Wibble.

And on they came: “loads of cult of covid, experimental vax loving, medical dictatorship supporting, NWO psyop addled, nasty bitter people slinging insults at those that see through this nonsense. You’d have LOVED nazi Germany. Methinks you are secretly angry you took the jab!” Ooh look, a blue tick … “Deranged advert. Sick company”.

Here’s a “No vaccine passports” and “No jabs for kids” wacko: “Heineken pickled livers for years with the toxic White Lightning synthetic apple flavour cider, now here they are pushing the death jab”. And one from UK Unvaxxed: “The propaganda and programming of the public is astonishing. Apart from the obvious 77th brigade and paid social media influences on the #BoycottHeineken trend, the complete lack of awareness, the big picture and lack of informed consent over the jab is outstanding”. There was more.

Sickening” managed one Tweeter whose bio included “#Ivermectinworks” and “#NOVACCINEPASSPORTS”. Oh look out, here’s a real tin foil hat job. "They just sponsored a sports tournament where a leading star mysteriously collapsed of a heart attack and now needs a pace maker”. And an “Article 61 of Magna Carta” wackjob: “It's interesting how ALL Cults recruit via their initiations promising utopia”.

Yeah, it’s a complete cult, innit? Here’s a Tweeter whose bio claims “Proudly part of the group of 'conspiracy theorists' that have been right more than anyone else for over a year” moaning “Wow [Heineken] encouraging vaccinations? Are you willing to be held liable for anyone who gets it on your recommendation and then suffers side effects??

It was left to beer writer Roger Protz to remind us “There are many reasons to #BoycottHeineken - its beers, charging its Star pubs tenants uncompetitive prices for ltd beer range, its product dominance at major sporting events. An ad to encourage people to get vaccinated is NOT one of them”. Quite. Ignore the clowns who boycott reality.

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Anonymous said...

Jesus wept. What a litany of crackpottery from irrational knobheads!

Does Britain REALLY want to follow the USA into that sewer of collective insanity?

Anonymous said...

What constitutes a "a “No vaccine passports” and “No jabs for kids” wacko"? Are you aware that these are the current positions of the World Health Organization too?

mbc1955 said...

Actually, I prefer Heineken to all other lagers, and always have.

Jonathan said...

The Gammon volk are easily trigged..

Anonymous said...

@ 13:12.

In Britain, consists of far right gammon-faced tattooed racist paranoid tory cunts. Subscribers to the Daily Heil and the Murdoch Scum.

Glad to sort it for you. Thank me later.

Tim Clark said...

To be fair one of the reasons kids, especially girls,drink out of bottles is to limit the chance of someone putting something unsavoury in their drink.

grim northerner said...

I worked in locked mental health wards in a past life, the stuff some of the patients said to me is remarkably similar to qanon and antivaxx nonsense doing the rounds.

Anonymous said...

That was a question for the author of the article but thank you for... whatever you decided to communicate.

Mr Larrington said...

Stone me, the moonhowling loonspuds have really gone to town on that one!

RodJ said...

grim northerner: I interpret for a mental health trust; I've noticed the similarity between conspiracy theorists and severely delusional patients as well. The difference seems to be that the patients, with luck and care, can be cured or at least learn to recognise their delusions aren't real.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to help polarise an issue with mental health smears but is it responsible?

Anonymous said...


The same question is always asked during the rise of nazism, fascism and falangism.

Guess what the outcome always is.

Anonymous said...

The question about the WHO? Does the author ever give an answer?

Anonymous said...

@ 13:17.

The answer is "Pinball Wizard".

Tim, being of a certain age, will certainly know THAT answer.