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Friday 14 December 2018

Tommy Robinson Family Threat EXPOSED

After it became known that Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, had been driven across the country - a trip that took, by his own admission, six hours, and rather longer on the way home - to allegedly confront one of his critics who had supposedly revealed The Great Man’s address, eyebrows were raised. Then it became known that his target had not revealed his address. Now it looks a whole lot worse.
Firstly, One, Lennon’s accomplices during that drive across the country included not only his mouthy cousin Kevin Carroll, who like Lennon is, shall we say, known to the Police, but also one Avi Yemini, a self-confessed killer, someone who has been caught on camera glorying in the death of his fellow human beings at his hands. Taking him along to intimidate two innocent people is not a sign of benevolence.

Two, Lennon’s actual target is at University. The city in which that University is located was on Lennon’s route. He could have saved himself at least half of that six hour journey by going direct to the person he intended to target. Why did he not do so?

Three, after all, Lennon knew his target was not at the address he was visiting. He knew this because two more of his goons had already rocked up there. Yes, Lennon’s visit was the second slice of intimidation they had received. The first delegation knew his target was not at home. It is inconceivable they did not tell him. That leads to one conclusion.

Four, Lennon turned up at his target’s parents’ house with one objective, and one alone, and that was to do some damage. Maybe not violent damage, damage to property or any other form of vandalism, but damage to the fabric of that family group. What kind of damage he had in mind can be gleaned from the video he posted on the return journey.

Five, Lennon’s method of exerting leverage on his target was to return at first light to get that target’s parents to call their son. The rest did not need to be spelt out: by this time, Lennon’s army of followers were already posting details of the target - images, locations, other personal details, family details, parental occupations, places of work, other roles and duties. All were eagerly shared, along with threats and abuse.

Six, Lennon eventually instructed his followers to desist. But this was only after his target’s details had been pored over by his fans, and in making his instruction, he stressed that he had all the addresses, all the information, about the target and his family.

Seven, what was not spelled out can be put plainly and directly. What Lennon was saying was that, effectively, had he not prevailed in having that target delete his Twitter account, there would have been no instruction to call off the dogs. What does that mean?

Nice property you’ve got, parents - be a pity if someone were to drive by and sling a brick through the window or graffiti it white you were at work. Nice job you’ve got Dad, be a pity if you were hounded out of it by the lads coming round to your workplace. Nice job you’re got Mum, be a pity if you were to lose it because of an organised social media smear campaign. Nice family you’ve got there, be a pity if it were to be split apart by a bit of pressure from Tommy and the lads. But it wouldn’t be his fault.

Anyone still not sure why Stephen Lennon is bang out of order? Now you know.
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ISKRA said...

I am more convinced now than ever that Lennon is being run by some state agency. They know everything about Lennon's serious criminality & it'd be uncharacteristic of them not to use that as leverage. In effect, they could bring him down with a few strategic leaks.

If he was a real 'enemy of the state' he'd be facing a directing terrorism charge by now and then some.

Anonymous said...

He is bankrolled by several extreme right groups which are based in America

The "man of the people" who lives in his bankrolled big house, who actually isn't called "Tommy"......is nothing more than a right wing whore

Tal said...

If I turned up at a house with a crew in tow I would be arrested for threatening behaviour,and rightly so.yet Lennon is allowed to walk away.Also intimidating the lads parents..what a total tosser. Never see him alone hes just a shithole plastic gangster.

Unknown said...

Israel is supporting him. International Zionists Jewish Organisations are funding him. He is actually being used by them and his sad followers don't have a clue.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

Reg Scott 08:14.

And your evidence is.......?

Anonymous said...

daniel pipes

pete L said...

hes a tool of israel simples ... follow the money

Anonymous said...

pete L 21:28.

And your evidence is.....?

(See above).