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Saturday 1 December 2018

Facebook BANS Leave EU Adverts

One issue which highlights the penchant of our news media for selective reporting, or on several occasions no reporting at all, is the illegality surrounding the various Leave  campaigns during the run-up to the 2016 EU referendum - and beyond. It will surprise no-one that the latest damning revelation concerning Arron Banks, Andy Wigmore and their fellow travellers at Leave EU has been ignored by most media outlets.
Fortunately, the people at Sky News has picked up on the story, telling “Brexit campaign ads among first removed by Facebook in crackdown … Advertisers must confirm their identity and location to Facebook, and say who paid for the ad, before approval”.
Where did those millions come from?

There was more. “Leave.EU failed to provide details now required by political advertisers … Under Facebook's new regulations, which went into force on Thursday, advertisers running political ads must provide certain details, or have their ads taken down … Advertisers must confirm their identity and location to Facebook, and say who paid for the ad, before they can be approved to run political ads”. Then came the deal-breaker.
Squeaky bang to rights again finger up the bum time

Advertisers must also prove to Facebook that they are paid for by someone who lives in the UK”. Andy Wigmore feigned ignorance of the episode, and claimed that an email from Facebook was the first he had heard of the new policy. Then he rallied.
We've never received anything directly from Facebook about this and [are] currently trying to find out how we register ourselves with them as a political campaign … We think it's a good thing that these notices are put on all ads so people know who they have come from - we fully support the new Facebook policy.” But no denial their adverts could have been paid for by someone outside the UK. Also, his explanation is bunk.
We know this as not only has the Government had had no such problem, that lack of problem has been highlighted by none other than Andy Wigmore. After he whined “Well clearly @nick_clegg #remain @peoplesvote_hq first act of revenge @facebook targets @LeaveEUOfficial - silence the opposition. #Censorship” at the Sky News story - paranoid, much? - he then whined even louder at the Tories.
@DamianCollins get on to this abuse and #FakeNews immediately - who would have thought the F-ing Government is using @facebook in exactly the same way as the Leave campaigns @LeaveEUOfficial disgraceful - get your best lunatic on to this immediately @carolecadwalla is free”. Abusive smear of Ms Cadwalladr? Check!
How did you get that mews house mortgage, Wiggy?

Exactly the same way as Leave EU. Except that the Government adverts passed Facebook’s new hurdle. Because they were paid for by someone in the UK. Which increases the suspicion that Leave EU’s adverts … weren’t.
Conclusion - Carole was right. Again

So next time you see slippery Arron Banks, the Uriah Heep-like Andy Wigmore, serial liar Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, or the perma-smile of Richard Tice extolling the virtues of Leave EU, just remember that they were unable to show that their campaigning was paid for by someone who lives in the UK. Despite all the claims to the contrary.

Funny how those who smear Carole Cadwalladr turn out to be seriously dodgy.
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RodJ said...

Meanwhile, part of the BBC seems to have woken up. The World Service had a short programme about the Mainstream Network which spent quite a lot of money on Facebook ads urging people to write to their MP demanding a no deal Brexit. The sire is anonymous - their is no information about who or what has paid for the adverts or the site itself.

Anonymous said...

If the money source was properly traced*, I'm willing to bet it would be tracked to a Yank oligarch......You know, the kind of oligarch that only exists in Russia. The West doesn't have far right politically-motivated oligarchs.

*Which of course it won't be. At least not in corporate media.