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Saturday 15 December 2018

Theresa May Says Don’t Call Me Stupid

The farce that is Theresa May’s continuing search for concessions on the Brexit deal she already agreed with the EU, and which has been signed off by the leaders of every other Member State, continued yesterday as she picked an argument with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. The spat, recorded on video and confirmed by lip-readers, was over her claim that Juncker had called her “nebulous”.
Look, Jean-Claude, don't call me, er, what's the word?

Now, call me cynical, because I am cynical, but if someone called her “nebulous”, that would be erring on the mild side. While she is arguing the toss with the EC President, the chances of getting the rest of the EU Member States to give ground reduce from minuscule to zero. Also, it makes her look even worse that Kevin Kline’s character Otto West, the psychotic hoodlum from A Fish Called Wanda.
Stupid. Don't call me stupid

Kline’s sensitivity was to being labelled “stupid”. Which the character gloriously was. So is our Prime Minister also stupid, or merely “nebulous”? Those looking in on her latest negotiating disaster had little doubt. And none were blaming Juncker.
The Tweeter known as Devutopia told “A must watch: May's #Brexit car crash at the EU detailed by Sky's Dominic Waghorn, This and other reports make clear this latest failure by May is down to her indecisiveness and weak leadership. She said she only had one job, a Brexit deal, she failed. How can she carry on as PM?” Less than nebulous.
Laurence Norman reported “Source said #Merkel interrupted @theresa_may tonight numerous times to say but what is it you want?” He clarified that to “only once or twice”, but if Merkel had to ask it once, it was once too often.
James Crisp of the Telegraph added “Understand that , under questioning from EU 27 leaders, one of Theresa May's responses was ‘Brexit means Brexit.’ Jeez”. Others have disputed this. But it sounds eerily, horribly believable.
After Ms May tried for a deadline target for the Irish Backstop, and failed to convince anyone else (it couldn’t be made legally binding), Simon Nixon from the Times concluded “Extraordinary. Theresa May is not being humiliated by the EU, she is humiliating Britain by turning up to international summits at a moment of crisis proposing half-baked solutions that she’s can even explain herself”. And she’s our PM.
Adam Bienkov of Business Insider added, on that same subject, “Dismissed by the EU, publicly insulted by her governing partners, told to stand down by 117 of her own MPs. Hard to see a route out of all this for May”. The leadership vote settled nothing.
After all of that, Paul Mason observed “Hold on, didn't Robbie Gibb brief everyone she would go to Brussels and ‘handbag’ the EUCO? That worked well”. Mrs T she ain’t.
And James O’Brien didn’t see what she was complaining about. “A Prime Minister who can’t articulate her position objecting to her position being portrayed as ‘nebulous’ seems to sum everything up rather well”. Nebulous is as nebulous does.

Our Prime Minister has been humiliated and disgraced. The problem is that, in doing so, she continues to vacillate while the country gets screwed over. That’s not good enough.
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Anonymous said...

She's worse than stupid or nebulous: She's an incompetent wretch with eyes like a shithouse rat and teeth like a bombed building......a bling jewellry-wearing, badly dressed suburban divvy who thinks shouting claptrap is a form of debate.

In other words...a typical tory woman.

She'd be better off gossipmongering in a corner shop.