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Saturday 1 December 2018

Chelsea Clinton Rises Above Hopkins Abuse

Not for the first time, pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins has had second thoughts about one of her more vicious smears, and tried to delete all trace of it. So she has, thus far, preserved her Twitter blue tick and her remaining bully pulpit for smearing and abusing anyone of different religion, race, or even view. Her problem is that the Internet never forgets. And nor does Zelo Street. So Twitter may not, either.
Viewers may still want to look away now
Last week, Ms Hopkins had been in triumphant mood, after another complaint to Twitter about her abusive attitude to others while using the platform failed to persuade administrators. She had been conflating Islamophobia with the alleged decision of the UK Government not to offer asylum to a Pakistani Christian women whose death sentence for alleged blasphemy had been dismissed recently.
As usual, her response is a combination of triumphalism and paranoia: “Jog on Muslim mafia. My thanks to @TwitterSupport”. But then she got a little too overconfident, and a lot too abusive. Moreover, in selecting Chelsea Clinton as her target, she guaranteed that her attack would be difficult to cover up. But cover it up she tried to do.
At first, the only trace of her abusive diatribe was the generous response from Ms Clinton, which by itself had many watchers searching for the reason she responded. “Hi Katie-my parents aren’t siblings (hadn’t heard this one before). As much as I hoped for a sister or brother growing up, I’m an only child. Most grateful today to be my kids’ mom and for the endless love & joy we create together. Wishing you a holiday season full of love & joy”.
Ms Clinton had also left a hint of what Hatey Katie had been on about. Some of the replies did likewise: “@ChelseaClinton = grace” … “While @ChelseaClinton & I may have differing political views she could give a Masterclass on dealing with ugliness & vulgarity with grace & poise” … “It breaks my heart that you have to put up with this. You rise above it with grace and dignity” … “Girl you are grace personified”.
So what did Ms Hopkins say, and then so hurriedly delete? Was it as nasty as those replies to Ms Clinton suggested? It certainly was. Hatey Katie was trailing one of her videos, which also appears to have been deleted. And this is what she said.

WARNING. OFFENSIVE CONTENT [understatement] … ‘There are allegations Ilhan Omar married her brother [Muslim smear: check!] … People need to be very careful about that kind of interbreeding … That kind of nonsense is how we ended up with Chelsea Clinton … [video URL]”. And before Twitter Support say “well, she deleted it”, in the first 32 minutes it was live, that Tweet secured 115 Retweets, later increasing to 678.
... later rising to 678

So, Twitter Support, you have the evidence, and indeed the technology, to confirm that Ms Hopkins has used your platform to post grossly offensive and indeed defamatory material. It isn’t an isolated incident. And unless action is taken, it certainly won’t be the last.

The time of Katie Hopkins on Twitter was for a time, but possibly not for all time.
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Anonymous said...

Good grief.

Can it be long before Hopkins is sectioned or prosecuted for inciting hatred?

She cuts an increasingly wretched and rabid figure.

Flood said...

I am surprised that I am the first to mention that every post by Hatey Katie should be prefaced WARNING: OFFENSIVE CONTENT.

Well, the (hopefully few) posts that she makes before they remove her.

nparker said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA! What a pathetic effort by Katie Hopkins. Utterly pathetic. Chelsea Clinton literally cannot be baited by hatred from Katie's ilk- she's literally the most polite (and devastating) responder to trolls on Twitter, and does it all with grace. No one can touch her on Twitter, as many people have seen first hand.

If you're a far-right windbag, never go up against Chelsea Clinton. You won't be changing her cheerful tweet style.

Again, what a pathetic effort by Hopkins.