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Sunday 16 December 2018

Yellow Vests UK - It’s A Far Right Stunt

After the pitiful turnout last Friday by what was claimed to be the UK’s version of the Gilets Jaunes movement in France, journalist Lizzie Dearden identified their leader: “Protesters in yellow vests on Westminster Bridge are a group of far-right Brexiteers led by a guy called James Goddard - a sort of wannabe Tommy Robinson who tries to fund his activities through PayPal”. So was this a far right stunt? It seems it was.

We can be certain of this in view of the kinds of support this group is receiving, not least from a Facebook propaganda outlet called Britons United, which tells that it isCombined Non Partisan ANTI EU INFORMATION PAGE, Feel free to Print, Email, Tweet & SHARE anything posted here to your own friends & family”. So what is on offer?
Using the Yellow Vest symbol, and claiming to have41,900 members”, a whole raft of batshit propaganda is peddled, telling of anEU Dictatorship”, the “Fourth Reich”, claiming that the EU was formed in 1942 in Nazi Germany (bullshit), asserting that there is aEuropean Gendarmerie Force” which has “banned free speech” (no there isn’t, and no it hasn’t), and that EU Member State Governments are “Bilderberg run from the shadows”.
In other words, paranoid and totally untrue conspiracist, fantasist drivel. But there is a more sinister side to the propaganda, and an all too predictable one. “SOROS BACKED SECOND BREXIT VOTEscreams one headline, yet another item recycled from Russian state broadcaster RT. Oh, and the EU is introducing conscription for all 18 to 30 year olds. Not heard of that? No, neither have I. More paranoid, fantasist rubbish.

But this is not some isolated, unsupported movement: both Leave EU, the current home of former UKIP Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage and his pals, and Steve Bannon’s representative on earth Raheem “call me Ray” Kassam have taken to social media to endorse the Yellow Vests UK movement - despite the batshit extremism.
Current UKIP leader Adolf von Batten is on record trying to link the EU to the Nazis, telling “If this all sounds all very familiar it is because the basic plan for the European Economic Community of 1942 was very similar to the actual European Economic Community that came into existence in 1957 under the Treaty of Rome”. This is also bullshit.

And the paranoid hysteria is not helped by Facebook refusing to take down accounts such asPahki Bashir” (geddit?!?!?) which promotes the Yellow Vests UK movement - also telling that there will be more protests on the first Saturday of the New Year - and at the same time refers to Muslim Britons as “invaders”, posts abuse directed at London Mayor Sadiq Khan, and asserts that Islam should be registered as a “terrorist cult organisation”.
Finally, there is Stephen Yaxley Lennon’s mini-me James Goddard, promoting Himself Personally Now as hard as he can. And who else is endorsing “Pahki Bashir”? None other than Danny Thomas, comedy kidnapper and Lennon acolyte, who was seen at a UKIP meeting discussing tactics for their march and rally last weekend.

The Yellow Vests UK movement is a far right project. From Leave EU to Breitbart to UKIP to Stehen Lennon’s pals to the rest of the Islamophobes, conspiracy theorists, propagandists and fantasists. It is just another bunch of fringe wackos. End of story.
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Anonymous said...

Wait a bit.

Soon it'll be "Russia" or "the Russians" behind it all.

Arnold said...

Combined Non Partisan ANTI EU INFORMATION Page.
Novel usage of the phrase "Non partisan" there.

Anonymous said...

The Irish yellow vest movement are the same they are lead by Bob Gilroy.

Anonymous said...


Flood said...

Have these loons started making claims that they are striking all over the country yet? I saw a bunch of yellow reflective jackets on Friday; gathered, they were, ominously on a site of near devastation. Ok, it was a building site, they were wearing hard hats and drinking coffee (or maybe tea?) but you know how reactionary builders can be (you try asking them if they are building in the right place) and when straws are being grasped at then the right wingers will claim anyone as their own.

Anonymous said...

Post at 17:28.

I told you so......