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Friday 21 December 2018

Tommy Robinson Harassment Hypocrisy

When Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, arrived on my doorstep in the dead of night - twice - his followers were full of themselves. He had only wanted a “polite conversation”. Why did I not go outside and face him like a man? I was accused of “not having the minerals” to talk to The Great Man. How different it all is now that the boot is so firmly on the other foot.
Lennon has told the world that he has received what is called an Osman Warning, delivered to him by Bedfordshire Police. This has told him that someone has obtained his address and intends to target the property. He claims that this is “political targeting”. He chides the cops for not acting on the “evidence” he has given them. He suggests that the Police should have nicked those he cited in that “evidence”.

Leave aside that the Police is not there to round up opponents on his say-so. But he wants a panic button installing. His reasoning is that all those Scary Muslims™ have been given one (no citation). But if he were to be an elected politician, they would be “forced to protect me”. They would also be forced to make his address publicly available.

Then come the smears. Those targeting him are “supported by the Labour Party … Momentum … who are part of an organisation that is linked with TellMAMA, Government funded organisations”. All these groups, he claimed, were interlinked, and their job was to silence anyone speaking out. This is paranoid bullshit.

But on he drones. “I have every single detail of every one of these left-wing activists. There’s one that lives ten miles from here, a very prominent one who keeps spouting his mouth off” Free speech not so good when it is free dissenting speech, eh? Then he rambles on about turning up at one person’s parents’ house. He has all their details, but being the kindly soul he is, he isn’t releasing them.

There are excuses about why he rocked up on the doorstep of two innocent people at 0200 hours. But no sense of self-awareness. No realisation that what he has spent the recent past doing to others might have pissed people off to the extent that someone has decided that, if those are the rules he wants to play by, they’ll have a bit of that, too.

No, all we hear is that someone revealed his address. Except they didn’t. He is clearly upset that the rotten MSM has not taken his side over his campaign of intimidation. And still he wants a panic button. His targets don’t get one. The media organisations he targets don’t get one. The person whose address he revealed not so long ago, and who in turn got an Osman warning from Bedfordshire Police, didn’t get one.

And no, despite him revealing enough of my address to make finding the location very straightforward indeed, and despite all the threats from his devoted followers, I didn’t get a panic button either. So I have one concluding message for Stephen Lennon.

Someone has decided to do to you what you have spent the past two years doing to others? Well, boo frigging hoo.
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Anonymous said...

So 10pm is the "dead of night" in Crewe?

Looks like Crewe must be dead then 24/7!

As for "polite conversation" perhaps if you treated people with respect in your articles and didn't stoop to personal jibes unnecessary to the argument you might be able to take the high moral ground, instead you are an hypocrite.

Tim Fenton said...


I see Stephen and his pals are on rebuttal duty.

The "personal jibes" claim does not hold water after one viewing of Lennon's abusive rant about someone who did not reveal his address.

Respect is earned, not awarded by right. It is not earned through campaigns of deliberate and targeted harassment.

Away with you.

Anonymous said...

Someone should start another alt-reich grifting fund raiser so that Stephen Yaxley Lennon can get a colour printer to print his fake Osman warning. All his other ones have been in colour, odd that this latest one isn't. Its almost as if he's trying to justify threatening a couple and their student son in the dead of night when said student didn't actually give his address out.

My guess is the lad and his family have been threatened again (or something has kicked of physically), so Stephen is desperately trying to justify inciting his racist thug followers after doxing the family.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:51.

Pathetic nonsense.

10pm is indeed "dead" in most civilised places - let alone Crewe - unless you live in some hysterical city or town centre full of drunks, artificial "vibrancy" and tragic homeless.

Which is probably why you and "Robinson" can be classed as a pair of racist, neofascist nutjobs. Which is a statement of fact, not abuse. Which you can shove sideways up your arse - now that IS abuse, I'm delighted to say.

Gonzoland said...

@Anon 10:51
Respect for a convicted criminal, thug, liar and total shit?
I don't think so.

ISKRA said...

Did Lennon really think his antics wouldn't eventually come to the attention of serious minded people? It's a bell that can't be unrung and all the Hawkeye panic buttons in the world wouldn't be of any use to him while he's engaging in his pathological hate preaching or long distance targeted harassment road trips.

Stupid man.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1 replies! I think you prove my point gentlemen, thank you.

Respect is always due, not earned, that way you are respectable.

Enjoy your dead of night cups of cocoa.

Unknown said...

But 02:00 Hrs Is, dimwit. Unless it's waxley lemon and a couple of his bully boys AT THE WRONG ADDRESS.