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Sunday 2 December 2018

Nigel Farage Cuts Off Tommy Robinson

The inexplicable retention of former UKIP Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage by broadcaster LBC may have been bad news for some, but has occasionally brought us moments of comedy gold, especially when the Observer’s Carole Cadwalladr managed to get through to him and frighten the crap out of the SOB. Sadly for one caller earlier today, the lesson provided by Ms Cadwalladr has not been taken on board.
Squeaky disconnection finger up the bum time

That may have been because the caller was Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson. Lennon called LBC to take issue with The Great Man, but was of insufficient intellectual nous to figure out that if he gave his real name, or his best-known alias, he’d be cut off in short order. And so it came to pass.

We know this as Lennon then embarked on a rant unhinged enough to satisfy the most discerning rant connoisseur. “I want the word out” he begins. What, to Camp Freddie? Maybe not. “Nigel Farage … is currently on LBC slandering me, lying about me. Should I have a right to reply? I’ve rang [sic] LBC, I’ve got through … they said ‘who is it?’ … I said it’s Tommy Robinson … they hung up the phone”. No shit, Sherlock.

What did he expect, to have the red carpet rolled out? Remember, this is the clown who ranted about “free speech” but denied to to Ali Dawah. But then came the meltdown. “Nigel has given clear directions that if I call today, I’m not going to get through. Now what sort of a man uses his own … show to lie, slander, destroy the credibility of … people?” The sort of people like you, matey, lying about Islam at your bashes and giving no right of reply.

But do go on. “Nigel! You’re an absolute coward”. So says the same person who slags off people for not wanting to talk to him, when there is one of them and at least three of Lennon and his mates. The same bloke who “didn’t have the minerals” to rock up at that Luton firm reunion recently without a whole load of bodyguards in tow.
There was more. “Why won’t you have me on to debate you?” But Lennon does not do debate. What he does is just shout others down. And he has no room to call “liar” on others, especially given the lies he’s been telling about the 15-year-old Syrian refugee who was attacked on a Huddersfield school playing field recently.

Then it’s on to UKIP. And more lies. “Since Gerard Batten took over your party, that you nearly destroyed”. Yes Stephen, that’s why Farage led UKIP to European Election success. With him in charge, they secured 24 MEPs. In local Government, and they had over 160 Councillors. Since he left, it’s been downhill all the way.

And after that came the brass neck moment. “You didn’t care about the politics or the future of UKIP, you thought you were UKIP. Not the people who supported you, not the people who paid their money to you, it was about you”. That sums up Stephen Lennon superbly. He doesn’t care about anyone else other than Himself Personally Now.

After all of that, he calls Farage a coward and tells his followers to call LBC, rather than taking action himself. Which is a classic sign of cowardice. The lack of self-awareness is hilarious. They won’t give him the megaphone and he can’t do anything about it.

Anyone would think he was getting desperate. I wonder why.
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Anonymous said...

“Why won’t you have me on to debate you?”

Well, it's like this, "Tommy"......They don't want to be the first to try to debate with a brick, which is what you are.

Though I might have got the initial letter wrong.

Flood said...

“Since Gerard Batten took over your party...”

Hmm, he isn’t wrong (nearly said right, but we don’t put that term and Tommeh together – the only right he is is wing): Farage has sat back on his arse – sorry, laurels - on the assumption that it was, and still is, he believes, his party, coming back to lead it before flying off to fight it out with Piers Morgan over who got to kiss Trumps backside next.

“You didn’t care about the politics or the future of UKIP, you thought you were UKIP. Not the people who supported you, not the people who paid their money to you, it was about you”

Again, true. The Nigel Farage cult (steady there!) was pushed relentlessly, so that the has-been is still worshipped by elements of the press and kippers as the next great British hope even though he’d rather be working for his master in the US.

Unknown said...

You presume that any of this actually happened. It wouldn't surprise me if Thomas Robitussin Louis-Stevenson-Yakety Yak The-Other-Shit-Lennon (may he be the last of his kind - Amen)just made the whole thing up.

Flood said...

Unknown - that is presuming an awful lot of Tommeh. He has a bull in a china shop mentality, can't see him being able to do anything but focus on one thing at a time.

Anonymous said...

Flood 12:56.

But I bet he can swill lager and fart at the same time.

The racist divvy.