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Tuesday 6 July 2010

The Republican Wrong – Beck To School

The silly season must have arrived: in the news today is the opening of a new University, dedicated to home study. And this is no ordinary learning experience, for here is Beck University, the personal learning vehicle of Glenn Beck, increasingly erratic “star” of Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse).

Beck’s website, which describes the Glenn Beck Program (that’s his radio show) as “The Fusion Of Entertainment And Enlightenment”, clearly benefits from a more than average amount of brass neck, and so it is no surprise to see his “University” sold as a “unique academic experience”.

As might be expected, it’s not taken long for organised ridicule to start, and Mother Jones’ Adam Weinstein has been as quick off the mark as any. My favourites from his suggested course list are “Fundamentals of Spelling and Grammar (Cancelled)”, “Great Military Heroes: John Wayne”, “Paranoia as Therapeutic Alternative”, “Studies in Moral Courage: Joe McCarthy”, and “Gym Crow”.

Perhaps Fox and Beck fan Donal Blaney might be interested in recommending it to the next group of takers for the training offered by the Young Britons’ Foundation.

If there is one.

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