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Friday 9 July 2010

It Is A Warm One

Back in early May, I suggested that this Summer could be a warm one. And so it came to pass: 31 Celsius in London today, 30 tomorrow, and uncomfortably warm nights as well. Heck, it’s even forecast 25 for Crewe, and it feels at least that, even with cloud cover.

Going further south and east, many European resorts are similarly hot, but with even warmer nights (typical for the Greek islands is a minimum of 24 Celsius). It could well get warmer still. So how could I make that prediction with any level of confidence?

Ah well. One thing it’s not based on is any idea that we must be due a warm one, having had an average one last year and two stinkers before that. Here’s a clue: think of what happened across Europe after that Icelandic volcano kicked off.

And I’ll revisit the subject, with the answer to that one, later.

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