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Thursday 1 July 2010

Lies, Damn Lies, And EU Directives – 3

Moving the Zelo Street investigation into the non-existent “EU Bans A Dozen Eggs” story a little further, I’ve been considering the man who appears to be the source for all the column inches that covered so many newspapers.

Adam Leyland, editor of the Grocer magazine, as I’ve noted, raised this totally false story a day before the EU hating part of the Fourth Estate got hold of it. Might he have been unaware that so much ranting would be set in train as the “news” spread?

That, I’ve concluded, is not merely unlikely, but out of the question. Leyland is not some ingénue who has stumbled on to the scene: he’s got form in the media world.

Before arriving at the Grocer, Leyland had edited Real Business magazine, and before that PR Week. He’s contributed to Campaign magazine, and has a number of TV appearances under his belt.

So it’s more than likely that he would know who to call, and what to tell them, in order to get his story in the papers. The more digging is done, the more likely it appears that he is the source of the Mail On Sunday why-oh-why-fest.

So was it Adam Leyland, and if so, why did he do it?

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