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Friday 18 December 2009

Timeless Technology

The Beeb is showing a variety of reports, mainly from the south-east, telling of disruption due to snowfall. Well, it hasn’t happened here in the north-west – it’s just very, very cold, and for the kind of reasons I described yesterday.

[For anyone wanting to see a plain English explanation of the current weather pattern, the Met Office has just the thing, below its surface pressure forecast]

But Zelo Street has not been free of its own disruption. Today brought gremlins in the opener mechanism of the main bedroom window. Double glazing, eh? All sealed units and maintenance free, but sticking open. What to do?

After yet another obligatory nice cup of tea, the solution became clear. Spray all the affected parts with WD-40, leave it to sink in, then apply a little gently persuasive force.

Sure enough, the opener mechanism later yielded, and the window has been securely closed. I don’t know what goes into WD-40, but it’s hellishly effective.

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