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Monday 14 December 2009

The Limits Of Denial – 2

The loose convocation of climate change naysayers came under pressure recently, following the well publicised confrontation between a group of student activists and hereditary peer Christopher Monckton, which occurred at a meeting on the fringe of the Copenhagen summit.

Monckton, who has asserted that the summit would lead to the imposition of a “Communist world government”, repeatedly called the activists “Hitler Youth”, despite being told that one of them was Jewish, and whose grandparents had mercifully escaped the Holocaust. The exchange has been preserved for posterity.

This kind of behaviour has caused the Spectator to call Monckton a “swivel-eyed maniac”, which is particularly significant, given that the magazine’s editor, Fraser Nelson, is firmly in the climate change denial camp (he also has a problem with the connection between HIV and Aids).

So, while the denial lobby continues to peddle a variety of spoiling tactics against mainstream science, and its supporters deploy terms such as “liar”, “warmist” and “eco fascist” as they flail around trying to attract attention, the infighting merely underlines the pitifully low level at which their debate is being pitched.

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