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Sunday 20 December 2009

Class Not At War

At the moment, it doesn’t take much prompting to get Tory cheerleaders crying “class war” at their Labour opponents. This was shown by Pa Broon’s recent remark at PMQs about policy being made up “on the playing fields of Eton”, which provoked much frothing and assertion that the coming General Election campaign would be based thus.

This points up the nervousness out there, and not only in Tory land. Remarks by party leaders and anyone held to be “influential” are seized upon for their supposed relevance to the campaign.

As I posted at the time, the only target of Brown’s remark was Zac Goldsmith, Cameron advisor and more significantly Tory PPC, who had admitted to non domicile status. This was confirmed this morning on the Andy Marr Show by Home Secretary Alan Johnson. Also on the Marr sofa, and demonstrating its robustness, was Fat Eric, who did not show any noticeable dissent on that point.

Next: Brown says he had steak for lunch, which is immediately held to be a central plank of the Labour manifesto. Yes, General Election 2010 will be the Steak Poll. Wheel out your fillet, t-bone and rump jokes, everyone.

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