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Thursday 30 December 2021

Piers Corbyn And Far-Right Terrorism

While the Covid-19 pandemic saw former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn featuring in videos promoting vaccination events at Arsenal FC’s ground, it has also seen his brother Piers indulging in a series of anti-vax events that have seen him arrested. And his latest stunt has added far-right friends and domestic terrorism to his CV.

Amiable eccentric no more: Piers Corbyn ...

This is as a result of an excursion undertaken by Piers Corbyn and a number of his anti-vax fellow travellers which yesterday brought them to Milton Keynes. Once gathered, they staged a demonstration, but very few people took any notice. So in order to cause more people to pay attention to their cause, they marched on a Test and Trace facility.

... and his latest far-right pal, Jeff Wyatt

And while the BBC has reported thatPolice are appealing for information after anti-vaccine protesters targeted an NHS testing centre, shouted abuse at staff and appeared to damage equipment. Dozens entered the site in Milton Keynes on Wednesday, and were captured in videos shared on social media”, they missed the role of the far right.

Shayan Sardarizadeh from BBC Monitoring was doing just that. “Anti-vaccine protesters hurl abuse at staff at a Milton Keynes test and trace centre today, chanting ‘shame on you’ and falsely accusing them of ‘murder’ … Anti-vax protesters throw in a bin a box of equipment they took from a Milton Keynes test and trace centre during a rally today”.

Then, after Rachel Clarke, who you can tell as she’s a doctor, mused “Imagine being so selfish - so convinced of your own righteousness - that you’d storm a Test & Trace centre, abuse staff working there, steal testing equipment, & dump it in a bin outside the centre. In a *pandemic*”, the identity of some of those present came under the spotlight.

Marc Lister was, as so often, recording events. “The usual suspects have travelled to Jeff Wyatt’s home town of Milton Keynes for a covid conspiracy protest today. Kate Shemirani has been marked on the promotional posters as one of the speakers”. Sadly for those present, the increasingly wacko (and struck off) Ms Shemirani couldn’t make it.

But what of Jeff Wyatt? One observer of the far-right knew all about him. “Wyatt was deputy leader of the extremist anti-Muslim party For Britain. After a disagreement with the leader he switched to the extremist anti-Muslim party UKIP”. That’s For Britain as in Anne Marie Waters, and UKIP in the days when it was being run into the ground under the less than benign leadership of Islamophobic bigot Adolf von Batten.

So while Thames Valley Police cast around for evidence, telling “We are aware of an anti-vaccination protest in Milton Keynes today. We're currently reviewing the activity for any criminal offences and will take swift action if any have been committed”, they should be adding domestic terrorism to the charge sheet. And including both Piers Corbyn and his new best pal Jeff Wyatt on the list of those who might assist with their enquiries.

It is becoming clear that Piers Corbyn is not some mere oddball, an eccentric who should be humoured. His participation in yesterday’s act of terrorism, and the company he chooses to keep, shows that he has drifted to espouse the far-right.

He may be about to experience his second recent arrest. What a deserving chap.

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Anonymous said...

It's about time armed police dealt with this lot.

Anonymous said...

Another shitshow from the plod.
Imagine "searching for evidence".
There must be CCTV at these sites, but no coppers bothered to attend the incident.

This will not end well.
Corbyn and his fellow weenies may meet a capable member of the public with a short fuse.
Or one of their feeble minded followers may take his arson advice to heart.

Competent policing could stop this at source: Show up in force and take them down the station for a lengthy grilling.

AndyC said...

Only last week, Corbyn was arrested for, allegedly, at this point, calling on his supporters to fire bomb MP's offices and to physically attack politicians. How on earth is this man not subject to restrictions about attending these demented and criminal 'protests'? As for other attendees, the police must begin to take stricter action against them. The difference in how they are dealt with contrasts sharply with the way Extinction Rebellion participants are handled. Though I might decry some of the disruptive actions of environmental protestors, I cant fault their motives. Selfish anti-vaxxers and covid-deniers, for whom I and I think the majority of us have zero sympathy, deserve to be treated with a very firm response. For a start, let's have more police presence at the sites they are likely to despoil with their moronic attacks.

dushka said...

AndyC... Hear, bloody, hear. The difference is very telling.