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Wednesday 31 March 2021

BBC And The Erasing Of Jennifer Arcuri

In the past, the BBC was the gold standard of reportage, producing the highest quality journalism and speaking truth to power, but it was also vulnerable to political interference. The Tories did it when Mrs T had Duke Hussey installed as the Corporation’s chairman: Hussey then forced DG Alasdair Milne out. Later, blowback from the Blair Government led to the departure of Greg Dyke. Now has come the cowardly new DG Tim Davie.

In the news. But not in the BBC News

The arrival of Davie, a former Tory candidate and former deputy chairman of Hammersmith and Fulham Tories, has coincided - perhaps not accidentally - with a series of actions that give the appearance of excusing the indiscretions of alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, while at the same time wiping Bozo’s arse for him.

This selective approach to reporting, with its ominous hint of potential partisanship, has become so obvious with the new revelations concerning Bozo’s four-year shagfest with Jennifer Arcuri - the latter benefiting to the tune of £126,000 along with several foreign jollies in return - that alarm bells are now ringing long and loud.

Tim Davie

After the Mirror titles had splashed the story across their front pages last Sunday, there was an almost discreet mention during the paper review on The Andy Marr Show™, although Marr kept the Sunday Mirror front page covered up. But that was all: there appears to be no new mention of Ms Arcuri on the BBC website.

Nor has there been a peep from the Corporation’s political editor Laura Kuenssberg, who has, in the past, not always distinguished herself when it comes to apparent lack of impartiality. But she has been willing to excuse the Supreme Leader, recently excusing the Beeb’s own headline “'Greed' and 'capitalism' helped UK's vaccines success, says PM” with “One MP told me the prime minister's "greed" comments had been intended to poke fun at the chief whip … Sources are adamant that Mr Johnson was not intending to be critical of the pharmaceutical companies in any way”. It wasn’t an isolated occurrence.

After Bozo appeared to back pub “vaccination passports”, there was his little helper once more: “Important on pub passports - PM's suggested this morning that idea might only apply once everyone has been offered a vaccine”. But on Jennifer Arcuri, she has not managed one Twitter peep since May last year. So what’s the deal?

Hardeep Matharu of Byline Times decided to ask the obvious question. The official BBC spokesperson sniffily replied “The story of Jennifer Arcuri’s personal relationship with Boris Johnson has been an ongoing issue for many months, with updates being provided over a long period of time”. But no update when she admits they had a physical relationship.

There was more. "Stories are chosen due to their editorial merit, and the BBC has covered the issue substantially when there have been newsworthy updates, for example when the Greater London Assembly said it would resume its investigation into the Prime Minister last year and when it was announced that he would not face a criminal investigation … We will continue to provide updates to this story when necessary”. It’s necessary right now.

Instead, there is silence. The impression is given that, following Davie’s arrival, the BBC has not merely moved to appease the Johnson gang, but to provide cover for it. Which would make it no better than the Tory-supporting press. And that’s not good enough.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe there was a previous "golden age" of BBC "reporting".

If so, it was many decades ago. Now long forgotten.

All there is now is a dried out far right husk of bullshit, lies and hypocrisy fronted by sick jokes like Kuenssberg, Marr, Barnett and any number of gutless Uriah Heeps.

If only Orwell was alive to see just how prescient he was back in 1948.....

Anonymous said...

The BBC is desperately trying to cling on to its current funding model so won't risk rocking the boat especially as all governments since 1979 have been very hostile towards it - but come 2037/8, when I suspect the TV transmitters will all have been turned off to "save money"/"provide a 'green' dividend" and television is delivered entirely by broadband, this is when the licence fee will die and the BBC will be forced into a subscription model as new "receivers" are rolled out. I would expect radio to remain traditionally broadcast.

Jonathan said...

The only decent journalist at the BBC Victoria Derbyshire, gets her show cancelled and is sidelined whilst Kuessenberg gets her own shows and podcasts..!

Surrinder said...

What can we expect with a Tory DG. The BBC called a vigil a protest and has made no mention of Police ferocity at Bristol Kill the Bill demonstrations. I no longer consider it in any way 'impartial '.

Mike Harvey said...

The destruction of the BBC's tradition of impartiality is an act of wanton vandalism carried out by the most transparently corrupt Tory government in my lifetime.
Watching this unique and respected institution being hollowed out by the myopic Tory visionaries is truly heartbreaking.
Independence 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Anonymous said...

The BBC stated that they "covered the issue substantially when there have been newsworthy updates".
Let's compare that to "newsworthy updates" when it came to Labour antiSemitism stories under Corbyn's leadership. During a random time, when there wasn't a particular hot story on the subject, I checked the BBC News site. I stopped counting after finding 25 articles. I had gone back just 3 days. I then checked on racism/Islamophobia stories connected to the Tories and found 11. That's 11 over a 4 year period.
My maths might be wrong, but I make that a ratio of 1 to 12,166.

Unknown said...

A discussion of journalistic standards and bias is clearly enhanced by an obsession with BJs love life and phrases such as "wiping Bozos arse"! You need to get a grip on reality if you think the BBC is right wing biased!

Anonymous said...


Please list the implied BBC's "left wing biases".

In your own unreal time.