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Sunday 27 December 2020

Julia Hartley Dooda Goes Full Wacko

With Covid-19 infection numbers - and deaths - running at a worrying rate, and the possibility of another lockdown looming, the last thing the UK needs is more misinformation on the subject, more stoking of wacko conspiracy theories by the overmonied and inconsiderate. But, sadly, that is exactly what self-promoting TalkRADIO host Julia Hartley Brewer is now doing, during her latest exclusive and expensive holiday.

Ms Hartley Dooda wants us all to know that, while many in the UK live in poverty, she is lording it over us on the Caribbean island of Antigua. This is paid for by her line of work, which entails turning up at the studio of a weekday morning and shooting her mouth off without bothering to engage is such tiresome disciplines as research.

Just 377 healthy people under 60 have died of Covid. That's not a typo. There are no zeros missing. 377. Yes, that's sad but we have locked down an entire country for a virus that mostly kills the very old & the very sick. The rest of us should be free to decide our own risks” she proclaimed, seemingly unaware that 60 is an odd age to draw the line.

After all, retirement age in the UK is now 66. But do go on. “And for the hard of understanding virtual [sic] signallers, that doesn't mean ‘to hell with the old and sick’. It means the Great Barrington Declaration was and is correct: help the millions of old & sick to shield while allowing the young & healthy (& our economy) to carry on living”. Ri-i-i-ight.

Those who disagree are stupid, unlike Herself Personally Now. Or maybe they aren’t, as the Great Barrington Declaration has been exposed as a denialist sham. Anyhow, she’s not finished. “These people are either totally disingenuous or wilfully stupid. It's hard to decide which sometimes. This one may be both”. Only she is qualified to judge.

As Sir Sean nearly said, I think we got the point. But, as Jon Stewart might have said, two things here. One, the number of Covid-19 related deaths for under-65s is around 7,500. And Two, as Dominic Pimenta, who you can tell as he’s a doctor, has pointed out, those “pre-existing conditions” includes any mental health condition, asthma, diabetes, any rheumatoid problem, gout, hernia and more - none of which are deadly on their own.

Moreover, as Sam Freedman has pointed out, “Does everyone quote tweeting this realise that there are almost 16m people over 60 in the UK? We're talking about close to a quarter of the population, not a few old dears waiting for God in their retirement home … That's not even including all the people with pre-existing conditions (many more millions). And ignoring the fact that younger people still need to use hospitals and can't if they're full of dying people”. So who is it that is being “wilfully disingenuous or wilfully stupid”?

The all too predictable fact of the matter is that Julia Hartley Dooda would rather not be inconvenienced by the current Covid-19 restrictions. So she embraces every crank and wacko out there who will tell her the pandemic is over, the Government has got it wrong, or that there is some miracle cure that doesn’t involve her not being able to please herself.

Once again, the crashing ineptitude and breathtaking arrogance of the Waitrose Katie Hopkins demonstrates that, for some who claim to be journalists, there is precious little journalism allowed to get in the way of their pampered, obscenely overpaid and out-of-touch lives. “Hard of understanding virtue signallers”? That would be herself.

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Mr Angry from Landrake said...

Surely Julia Hartley Do Da is over 60 and in the at risk group?

Anonymous said...

Rather a virtue-signaller than a vice-signaller.

Jonathan said...

Wait till JHB hears Boris is lining upto join the Trans Pacific Partnership..

Jonathan said...

Does Julia know when she returns she will be in Tier 4 aka full lockdown ..?

PK said...

What's wrong with her.. ?

Anonymous said...

Thing with Hitler-Brewer and other examples of what are loosely called 'conservative journalists' is that Covid directly challenges their ideology and frankly renders it in tatters.

They're of the free market/get anything with money/government is bad/welfare doesn't work ideological worldview. So a virus comes along which requires collective action and strong government leadership to ameliorate. Remember during the first lockdown when people were stunned that apparently Britain ended homelessness almost overnight? Or how pollution massively dropped, the government found money to pay those laid off wage subsidies with no questions asked or how crime went down to 1950s levels?

This flies in the face of HB/APs brainlet understanding of the world, so they and their fellow travellers in scumbaggery will spend all their time ranting about how terrible the lockdown was or how doctors are all useless or act smug as they jet off on holiday to tropical parts.

Their fear is that if we can sort of fix this problem with the tools of government/people working together then we can do that with climate change, too. Or unemployment. Or crime. Or mental health.

Those currently making ££££ from exploiting these situations don't want solutions hence the funding of an army of propagandists like the subject of the above article.

RodJ said...

A part from the fact that we are nearly a quarter of the UK population, a fair number of us decrepit old folk are still in employment or doing voluntary work. I am fairly sure that almost all of us are making a far bigger contribution to society than the ghastly Fartley-Dooda and her loathsome colleagues.

Unknown said...

You aren't going to believe this, but she's only 52!