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Friday 18 September 2020

Tobes Abandons Bozo

There comes a time when the greatest of friendships come to an end, and those concerned go their separate ways. Sometimes, this signifies the ending of support, maybe a wider ending of support, for those at the top of the greasy pole of politics. That is the distinct impression given after the loathsome Toby Young was given a platform by Murdoch properly TalkRADIO to take out a king-sized onion and declare his regret.

Tobes was abandoning alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, a move he had already signposted in the increasingly alt-Right Spectator magazine, telling his followers “What on earth happened to the freedom-loving, twinkly-eyed, Rabelaisian character I voted for? Oliver Hardy has left the stage, replaced by Oliver Cromwell”.

Quite apart from the minor point that Stan and Ollie were not politicians, this makes little sense, but being given the floor by the singularly repellant Dan Wootton suggests that the Murdoch mafiosi may be about to make its move, to ditch Bozo in favour of Rupe’s favoured Prime Ministerial selection, Michael “Oiky” Gove (no, don’t laugh).

The full “interview” - more Wootton leading Tobes to vent his spleen - is fascinating for its pressing of all the right buttons. “I fought in Boris’ corner for a long time … always maintained he’d make a great leader of the Conservative Party … always been a huge booster of Boris … he is the man to steer Britain into the post-Brexit promised land”.

Yes, he’s away with the fairies, and there is more. “It is with enormous regret that I’ve come to this conclusion … the rot set in before he got ill [with Covid-19]”. At this point, Tobes departs from the real world, but that never got in the way of a Murdoch endorsement. “In March, when he initially seemed to embrace a herd immunity strategy, and talked about ‘taking it on the chin’, I was incredibly proud. I was thinking ‘that’s the Boris I voted for’ … let’s not toss our hard-won liberties out of the window”.

He then concedes that we did not know how deadly Covid-19 was, demonstrating the height of irresponsibility, but then, Tobes never has to answer for that. Carry on: “Then suddenly there was this … U-Turn … lockdown … liberties suspended, economy crashed … to hell with the public health consequences [!] … [Covid-19] much less dangerous than we thought … it looks like Sweden have got it right”. He wasn’t finished.

Having made this colossal error, maybe the biggest policy error in … peacetime, they’re about to repeat it … Covid marshals … Boris is a libertarian, Boris is this great Rabelaisian, Falstaffian figure, he’s a seaside postcard come to life, he’s not someone who wants to turn Britain into a nation of curtain-twitching Stasi wannabes”. Enough already!

Yes, Tobes has come to his conclusion via a false premise - that Covid-19 is nothing really. But that a Murdoch property has given “Westminster’s village idiot” free rein to tell the world that Bozo no longer has his support is what is significant. Tobes knows that there would be no difference in the decisions dispensed by a Gove Government. The point is the very public abandonment of Bozo, the first brick out of the supporting wall.

And thus the clock is now ticking on this brief yet disastrous Premiership. Creepy Uncle Rupe has anointed every PM since 1979. Or, when they become disposable, not.

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Arnold said...

His end is near. From today's Bozograph.

Anchorless Boris is allowing Britain to drift towards another lockdown

Boris would have failed his six-month probation in any other job

AndyC said...

Captain Bellend approvingly thought of Johnson as a Falstaffian figure. Well since the fictitious Sir John is fat, vain, boastful, and cowardly, it tells you a lot about the kind of person Young finds appealing.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter which tory, "presentable" or not "presentable", is in Downing Street.

They're all shithouses. Every last one of them.

Jonathan said...

Tobes and Bozo the Clown are 2 sides of the deficit public school system.

2 men who hide their insecurities with misogyny, casual racism and bad jokes and writings or in Tobes case it's plain to see what a test he is via his film about his life in New York working as a journalist (stop smirking at the back please!)
'How to lose Friends and Alienate People' released in 2008 and regularly on Channel 4.

Despite several attempts, I just can't watch it, juxtaposed to watching Bozo the Clown crash and burn at PMQs every Wednesday lunchtime.

It's long been rumoured that Oiky Gove, has been round at the Murdoch's gaffe to rock up support for a leadership challenge.

That too will end in tears.

legionofswine said...


Jonathan said...

Spot on

Anonymous said...

Having a tinfoil hat moment here, thoughts...

1. They keep Boris around for a Brexit disaster then get rid.
2. Replace him with Pob or another Tory who failed the Voight-Kampff test. Murdoch's minions reign supreme.
3. We get the herd immunity strategy going at full belt.
4. Six months later, hundreds of thousands dead. Tories go 'Oh look, that silly socialist NHS fell apart completely, your gran is dead because of leftist ideology. Plus we're skint now, so we'll have to sell it.'

Am becoming convinced this is the plan - the exponential increase in Covid denial batshittery is jarring. Nearly every story in the Mail/Express about the virus is majority 'is all a hoax bro/flu/lazy nurses on TikTok' comments. Then you have creepers like Tobe, Pearson, Hartley-Brewer* pushing absolute nonsense and not once being sanctioned for it. Add in all the anti-NHS stories popping up in the Tory press, even more than they normally regurgitate.

*who today is arguing that Coronavirus isn't really increasing but all the tests are giving false positives because apparently top UK scientists can't do statistics as well as a Talk Radio presenter.

Zoe Paleologa said...

Just so.

grim northerner said...

The Empire is striking back...

grim northerner said...

I concur.

Anonymous said...

Damn right

Jonathan said...

Bobba Fett is coming to collect Bozo for carbonate freezing and to be hung in Ripe's galley along with Tezza, Cameron & Major.