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Wednesday 23 September 2020

Allison Pearson Says Let’s Catch Covid

While treatments for Covid-19 are still in their infancy, and a vaccine some months away, we do know that many who have become infected with this virus have suffered from longer-term health problems, including heart disease. So it might be thought that responsible journalists would want to hold to the line that it’s better not to catch it.

But that thought would have been misplaced when it comes to the worryingly off-the-wall Allison Pearson, given a platform by the increasingly desperate and downmarket Telegraph. She has declared unequivocally that for some of the population, including her immediate family, becoming infected with Covid-19 is A Very Good Thing Indeed.

You think I jest? Her latest for the Tel spells it out. “My son has Covid-19. Good. Everyone in his student house has it as well. Even better. Typically, the infected ones have had a rough four or five days … Already everyone is much improved although the virus’s trademark loss of taste and smell (the one symptom those geniuses on SAGE forgot to put on the list [don’t think this is true, sorry]) has lingered”.

So there are longer-term effects already showing themselves. There is more. “There is no cause for alarm. On the contrary, I am glad that my boy will now form a tiny tile on the vast human shield which will protect his grandparents and other endangered citizens as our country acquires community immunity”. This is not just any bullshit, it is dangerously misinformed bullshit, especially in view of the possibility of re-infection.

But do go on. "Apart from a vaccine (unlikely to show up any time soon), allowing Covid to run through the healthy population is the only way out of this loathsome epidemic”. No it isn’t. It really isn’t. But she isn’t finished. “University term starts this week. It’s the ideal time for freshers to socialise, swap mobile details and microbes. Far from relations who may be vulnerable to Covid, they live in promisingly fetid halls of residence where they can easily get the virus during Match of the Day and be rid of it in a week”. And her conclusion?

Covid cannot harm students but adult paranoia about Covid certainly can”. Small wonder there has been severely adverse comment passed, including “Allison Pearson is happy her son has Covid-19 to ‘own the libs’ … 'I'm delighted my son have a virus that is increasingly being shown to cause long term heart damage' is a hell of a fucking article to feel is a good idea to write … It’s very funny to read this as if Allison Pearson actively hates her son and his friends rather than whatever dumb point she’s trying to make”.

James Felton concluded “I’d want to know a little more about the long term effects of a disease before I decided whether I was glad my son got it to be honest. Even then I think I’d come down on the side of ‘I’d rather my son didn’t have a disease’”. One Tweeter added “What sort of a mother is [Allison Pearson] to truly believe she is glad her son has Covid-19? The possible long term effects are horrific. Should we not all be calling social services to report her?” And Ian Hamilton had a grim coda to relate.

Data from the King's College symptom tracker app is showing hundreds of thousands of people in the UK alone reporting being ill for more than a month, and over 60,000 people ill for more than three months. Some have been ill for 6 months now”.

Allison Pearson may not be irretrievably stupid. But you can see it from there.

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Johnspartacusanonymous said...

How much does this witless harridan get paid for this bilious twaddle. Cov19 would do us a favour if she gets it. Fingers Crossed

Anonymous said...

Good fucking grief. She really is going to win the biggest dickhead award on Twitter this year, despite strong competition.

Wonder if she applies her super-expertise to other medical conditions?

Pearson's daughter: "We got the talk in school today about HPV."
Pearson: "Oh yes, I know about that stuff. Am dead clever."
Daughter: "Nurse said it can possibly lead to cancer, and there's a vaccine available."
Pearson: "Nonsense. You need to just boost your immune system by getting a dose. There's about 100 types and only a few cause cancer."
Daughter: "I'd rather not, mum."
Pearson: "You need a proper dose. Maybe you can go to orgies at college or something?"
Daughter: "MOTHER WHAT THE FUCK!?!??"
Pearson: "The more HPV, the more your immune system will be boosted and you'll protect any men you'll have sex with in the future."

Future Daily Telegraph column:

"My Daughter Has Genital Warts and that's a Good Thing."

iMatt said...

Ms Pearson ought to realise that big-time Trump lackey Herman Cain thought as she does. He considered C-19 as nothing at all to worry about. He attended many of those pointless Trump rallies.

Like most of the pig-ignorant audience, he did not wear a face mask whilst in attendance. He did not social distance. He was in his late-70s. He died of C-19 a few weeks ago!

The toffee (597) said...

I have ALWAYS said pearson is to de piffle johnson what magda goebbels was to hitler...

Anyone who's seen the film 'Downfall' will now understand what I mean...What a unhinged crank that fucking godawful harridan is.

Anonymous said...

Just one more step and she'll want to inject it personally.

Seriously, though....the woman is deranged.

Anonymous said...

I understand the middle classes used to have "chicken pox parties", whereby an infected child would be given a party to infect their little Arabellas and Tarquins as a 'preventative' against more serious adult infections. Is this her mentality?

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Seems a pity that Allison's Dad didn't have such a robust attitude to his offspring's health, doesn't it really?

Anonymous said...

Anon 15:57, re: Chickenpox parties.

Yep, was a thing. Not so much now because they found out the Varicella virus also causes Shingles in older people. So if you had chickenpox as a kid there's a chance it'll come hurtling back as shingles when your mature body is suitably stressed.

Pearson is such a brainlet she forgets how many 'minor' medical issues can be incredibly dangerous to a subset of the otherwise healthy population - think German Measles in pregnant women which can cause severe issues if caught in the first weeks of pregnancy. Similarly a lot of kids who were infected with Polio developed no more than a minor illness - only a small percentage became paralysed. However turns out there's an illness called 'Post-polio syndrome' which affects people decades after their infections causing severe muscle weakness & other problems.

The next few months are going to have a lot of babies being delivered whose mothers got hit with covid in the first few weeks of pregnancy. Fingers crossed everything will be okay, but there's some doctors who are more than a bit worried and they're already studying miscarriage levels around the world.

Moral: Try not to get exposed to strange new diseases if at all possible.

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

Doubtless Blojo would oblige. Probably accompanied by every conceivable strain of HPV.