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Saturday 19 September 2020

Murdoch Abandons Bozo

We used to ridicule the former Soviet Union as it disposed of leaders who had lost the support of the central Praesidium of the Communist Party. They had suddenly become unwell, unable to continue: sudden illness was a remarkably convenient thing. There is, though, no laughter at the Baby Shard bunker right now as the Murdoch Mafiosi turn against alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

The first hint that Creepy Uncle Rupe was tiring of Bozo’s lack of leadership came earlier this week as the singularly repellant Dan Wootton allowed the loathsome Toby Young to make his pitch on TalkRADIO: Tobes had given up on Bozo, who was no longer the man he voted for. Today in the Times, it is no longer a hint. Murdoch is turning against him.

In an article that takes us “Inside No 10”, we are toldOverburdened, underpaid and ‘misery on his face’: Boris Johnson gets the blues … Weighed down by the pandemic and personal issues, the prime minister is appearing ever more downbeat”. Personal issues? Nudge nudge, wink wink, nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat, Squire! But do go on.

Shortly before lunchtime on Wednesday Boris Johnson summoned a small group of Conservative backbenchers to his wood-panelled office behind the Speaker’s chair in the Commons … The Prime Minister had come to compromise, to head off a damaging rift with all wings of his Parliamentary party over Brexit that he had not intended, or indeed seen coming. Yet it was not that fact that he was prepared, so easily, to backtrack over his threatened brinkmanship with the EU that surprised those present”.

Worse for Bozo, the Times’ editorial is in the same vein, telling “Boris Johnson urgently needs to strengthen his cabinet and Downing Street operation to address growing doubts about whether he is up to the job … It is a mark of the trouble in which the government finds itself that even Boris Johnson’s erstwhile supporters are starting to question whether he is the right person to be in No 10”. The conclusion is damning.

Boris Johnson has packed his cabinet with inexperienced lightweights chosen for their loyalty to him and to Brexit rather than their competence”. The test and trace fiasco is conceded to be a serious problem [no shit, Sherlock]. Even the normal cheerleading mode of the Sun has been replaced by a stern warning to Bozo to shape up.

Talking of “Boris’ misjudgment”, their editorial tellsHoping his normally winning optimism will jolly us through the gravest crisis since 1940. And over-promising and under-delivering, when the opposite is needed. Boris has a strategy to conquer Covid, return Britain to normality and embark on his ‘levelling-up’ mission. He must start communicating it with the gravitas these grim times deserve”. Next time it will be his marching orders.

Murdoch is getting impatient. The talk of “levelling up” is bunk: Bozo’s soundbite has no substance, as Mrs T’s claim that she would be doing something for “those inner cities” did not back in 1987. Nor does the talk of cabinet “lightweights”: the Murdoch mafiosi knows that this is what chief Downing Street polecat Dominic Cummings wants, and he is the one running the show. Rupe knows all this. He also knows he wants Bozo replaced.

His favoured replacement is Michael “Oiky” Gove, to whom Polecat Dom owes his loyalty. The problem there is that the Tory Party, and the public, may not agree with him.

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AndyC said...

Satisfying as it is to see Johnson being dissed by the Murdoch press, it has to be regretted that once again it seems our head of government is being decided by that odious non-domicile billionaire.

Anonymous said...

Does it REALLY matter in the sense of required deeply radical change?

Bozo? Oiky? Quiffy?....The only difference is in hair, face and suit.

None of them are worth a carrot. None of them have the slightest intention of restoring democracy, fairness and decency in British culture.

Anybody who thinks otherwise deserves the current mess and the looming utter disaster.

40 years of thievery, greed and hypocrisy have made this country a basket case.

david walsh said...

Using words like "gravitas" in a Sun editorial ? This is a changing world !

david walsh said...

Now got to the Times myself. This looks decidedly nasty for Boris. Not just the article itself (with three names on the by-line) and the Editorial, but a top op-ed piece by Matthew Parris "Boris Johnson’s zing has well and truly zung" plus knocking copy from Janice Turner "How dare ministers point the finger at us" and a news item promising ((from, of all people, their "Arts Correspondent") that "Sasha Swire has plenty more embarrassing diaries to come" which, as her last magnus opus ended in early 2019, tells us all who will be the new target. The main article, too, is decidedly nasty, at one point putting the boot into his partner, Carrie, basically calling her an air head bimbo, not fit to be compared to the intellect of his last wife, in a piece dripping with venom. Moral; don't get on the wrong side of Rupert if you know what's good for you.

Unknown said...

Monday morning on the BBC: "The Prime Minister is unwell, and will not be undertaking his duties for the foreseeable future" said a Government spokesman.

AndyC said...

david walsh said...
Using words like "gravitas" in a Sun editorial ?

I wonder how many S*n 'readers' had to look it up?

Jonathan said...

It's embarrassing talking to your European friends about our Putin style government..

Anonymous said...

Carrots are undervalued.

rob said...

****A lucky man?****

He's had a few offspring
By ladies here and there
And now he's the PM
No money he has to spare
Oh what a yucky man he is

He went to fight a war
With the EU in his mind
Forgetting Covid was the enemy
Closing up on him from behind
Oh what a yucky man he is

A Cummings had found him
He bowed down in dismay
His law is in disorder
And Starmer leads the fray
Oh and Rupert wants him away

(h/t Greg Lake)