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Sunday 20 September 2020

Teaboy Tom’s Twitter Trouncing

Another day, another glaring example of how confident braggadocio can get rather a long way ahead of actual ability, and another Twitter own goal by Thomas Hedley Fairfax Harwood, replacement teaboy to the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines at the Guido Fawkes blog. Teaboy Tom’s opinion of his ability has raced ahead of reality. Again.

What time is it Eccles?

Harwood has been reading Left Out, a work whose veracity is disputed, and not just by those on the left. But as it chimed with the talking point he wanted to deploy, that was not a problem. “Just Keir Starmer gently nodding at the idea people who voted Leave in the north are racist … As someone who voted leave in the north, this baseless sneering smearing makes me sick to the stomach”. Faux identity politics, much?

The pushback was not long in arriving. "Tom you are literally the least working class person whoever lived … But you’re not a Northerner. You know diddly squat about the lives of ordinary folks in the North. In fact, you know diddly squat about anything, if we’re being honest … Am having a quiet smile to myself at Tom from Cambridge who went to Durham University, where he registered to vote, attempting to try identity politics”.

Once again, he overreached himself. And once again, he failed to learn from the experience. So back he came to pontificate on Combover Crybaby Donald Trump wanting to nominate a Supreme Court justice before the Presidential Election. Jessica Simor QC was not impressed. “Do you know the date of the constitution? Watch the [Ruth Bader Ginsburg] documentary on Netflix then we can talk”. Tom wasn’t having any of that.

Think my degree merits a little more than a Netflix doc … Yes my degree is in politics, a lot of it about the US. My dissertation was a critique of how un-conservative the Trump movement was … Weird of you to reply to a tweet of mine professing an all seeing eye on US politics and constitutional affairs off the back of watching one documentary. Maybe try doing a degree in it and working there for four months. Helped my understanding is all”.

Harwood clearly did not know, as he inflated his soufflé way beyond the point of viability, whom he was lecturing on constitutional law. Ms Simor did not need to expend much intellectual energy to do the deflating. “I’m a constitutional lawyer Tom”. BOOM! OUCH!! Benjamin Janaway, who you can tell as he’s a doctor, declared “This wins twitter today”.

But even then, Harwood attempted a comeback. “In the US? Wild. Thought you tweeted for a living!” Jordan Toulson was almost impressed: “kudos for even being able to reply after that mic drop, but I think you should learn when to give up a fight”. Jane Heybroek, on the other hand, was not. “Sit down, child”. Alan Stedman, meanwhile, got the popcorn in.

This is Twitter Nirvana. Tom Harwood, leading light of Tufton Street, often put up on TV as [a] right wing commentator shows complete and total ignorance and is beautifully owned by a lawyer. Tom doesn't know what QC means”. Let that sink in, TV bookers.

And Martin Poler compared and contrasted between Harwood and Ms Simor: “One of these people has carved out a career from reading, studying and understanding the law. The other is employed by a donkey porn enthusiast and is called Tom”. Double OUCH!

Tom Harwood, here’s your arse on a plate. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

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Anonymous said...

"My dissertation was a critique of how un-conservative the Trump movement was". So it's a load of bollocks, then? As any fule no, Trump is a just a shit version of the Southern strategy.

Jonathan said...

Tom, only gets on Question Time due simply to the how's booker Alison Fuller-Pedley being an out and out Far Right Activist.

If Tom knew anything about Trump, the he would realise the ultimate goal of Trump is Fascism. But Tom never graduated past apprentice toast monitor.

He doesn't have a clue, so ... said...

But Harwood went to Durham and he knows the tune to The Pink Panther.

mbc1955 said...

Tim, as a fan of the late, great Spike, I really must protest your continuing comparison of this tittering twit with the Famous Eccles. Be careful I don't send Colonel Bloodnok round after you!

Darren G said...

Sure you have seen this tweet


This is Evan Davis. He works at the BBC. Here he is justifying why Tom Harwood (Vote Leave) gets invited on. But the truth is Davis is close friends with Harwood and he even lets Tom stay over at his flat. Can you clear this up for us,

Lurgi-19 said...

It's Bluebottle who asks, "What time is it Eccles?"

Anonymous said...

Why do all this and no link the thread ? Or was it deleted ?