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Wednesday 9 September 2020

Birmingham Stabbings - Somalian My Arse

After one man was killed and several others injured in apparently related stabbing incidents in central Birmingham early on Sunday morning, West Midlands Police put out a compilation of CCTV footage showing the man suspected of committing them all. It did not take long for the nudge-and-wink brigade to suggest that, whoever he was, he must be one of those Scary Muslims™, and that if he was black, he must also be Somalian.

Martin Daubney - nudging and winking

From there, suggestions were made that he had to have been a recent arrival in the UK, and probably on an inflatable boat. It did not help matters when Brexit Party Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage dog-whistled his followers with “Why have West Midlands Police not told us who committed the knife attacks last night? I think I know the answer”. Muslims! Terrorism! But Farage was, as so often, lying.

Richard Kemp - plain flat wrong

So were many others, egged on by the likes of Martin Daubney: “The Birmingham stabbings was one man, on a 2-hour stabbing spree. Strange how police have said it ‘isn’t terrorism or a hate crime’ - but then say they haven’t made an arrest”. And Catherine Blaiklock, Brexit Party founder: “This make me so angry. Why are we letting people in who want to kill us? Young British lives destroyed so that some left wingers can indulge in their diversity fantasies”. Letting in people. MIGRANTS! And there was more.

Jay Beecher, “Vote Leave Coordinator”: “So the man arrested for the stabbings in Birmingham has been confirmed: 1. To be Somalian. 2. To have only rented his home in Birmingham 3 months before the attack. Yet the MSM are still pushing the 'this was definitely not a terrorist attack' narrative”. SOMALIAN MiGRANTS! James Gray added “Ouch! That's gonna silence a few lefties today … ‘Somalian’”. And on it went.

Police reveal the Birmingham murder suspect is a young, black ‘Somalian’. And still we import people who are terrorists and murderers of the future. If this isn't a wake up call that we need to #EndTheInvasion, I don't know what is … If you’re an adult migrant crossing the channel the leftist media will roll out the red carpet. If you’re a Scouser hacked to death by a Somalian illegal immigrant in Birmingham the media won’t give a shit”. ILLEGAL!

From the USA came “A white 23 yr old stabbed to death & 7 other whites hurt in UK Birmingham by a racist Somali Muslim immigrant & hardly a peep from the British media or left wing”. And who haven’t we heard from yet? Yes, step forward Richard Kemp: “Police hunting Somalian man suspected of stabbing attacks in Birmingham”. Bullshit.

By yesterday afternoon, the arrested suspect had been named as Zephaniah McLeod, who was not a Muslim, not Somalian, and not a migrant. He was, it seems, born in the West Midlands. And the Murdoch Sun noted that “today it emerged he suffers from ‘serious’ mental health problems - sparking major questions over how he was monitored in the community by over-stretched local health teams”. The bigots were wrong. Again.

Nothing to do with this. At all

But a superb illustration of knee-jerk false assumption by the usual suspects out there on the fundamentalist hard Brexiteer right. Anyone might get the impression that those mentioned above were nothing more than racist shit-stirrers.

And anyone might be absolutely right to conclude thus. I’ll just leave that one there.

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The Toffee (597) said...

Strange how the victims of these 'random attacks' all seem to appear to be physically weaker than their attackers, innit?

Just sayin'...

Anonymous said...

Astounded, shocked, dumbfounded to discover that Gammon Anonymous hasn't posted to apologise for casting aspersions on Tim's previous reporting on the stabbing. https://zelo-street.blogspot.com/2020/09/birmingham-stabbings-farage-racism.html

Unknown said...

Thank you. Just used this to put someone right.

Mik3 said...

So how would this be reported if the guy had been white, and his victims all black?

grim northerner said...

Much the same, mentally ill man murders and wounds innocent people, colour is irrelevant in both cases.

Jason said...

How do you know he wasn't Muslim

Anonymous said...


Do you normally assume that the perpetrators of violent attacks are Muslims? And why don't you use question marks?

Anonymous said...

No it wouldn't the leftist media would be saying it was a racist attack

Unknown said...

And this looks like the guy's birth registration
Zephaniah Nathanael A Mcleod
Event Type:
Birth Registration
Registration Quarter:
Registration Year:
Registration District:
Event Place:
Birmingham, Warwickshire, England
Mother's Maiden Name:

Justice is criminal said...

Were all his victims caucasian?