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Friday 11 September 2020

Brexit - Speaker Pelosi Spells It Out

Hardly had the details of the Polecat Enabling Act, otherwise known as the Internal Market Bill, been made public than the pushback began in earnest. The Keeper of the Polecat, Michael “Oiky” Gove, was told by European Commission vice-president Maros Šefčovič that the bill had to be withdrawn, or the EU would most likely start a lawsuit over it.

Hello Brits! Remember that trade deal?

Former Prime Ministers Theresa May, John Major and Gordon Brown passed severely adverse comment on the proposals, as did Brexiteer Tories Michael Howard and Norman Lamont, the latter most certainly not singing in the bath this time. The German ambassador to the UK musedIn more than 30 years as a diplomat I have not experienced such a fast, intentional and profound deterioration of a negotiation”.

Worse, our free and fearless press has not responded as required. True, the Daily Brexit, still called the Express, has backed the Government, but the Mail has not even mentioned it on its front page, and the Murdoch Times has led on a growing back bench revolt against the bill. And there was worse news from the USA.

Combover Crybaby Donald Trump may be in the White House, but the Democrats control the House of Representatives. Without the consent of the House, no future trade deal can enter into law. And Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, has put the Tories straight on what their law-avoiding bill will do to prospects of a trade deal.

She had travelled previously to Dublin and addressed the Dáil. “I said to them that the Good Friday accords were very high priority for us, Democrats and Republicans, House and Senate. So … if the UK did anything to undermine the Good Friday accords, they should not … even think about having a US-UK bilateral trade agreement”.

There was more. “Then the news comes to us … that the UK had decided to undermine the Good Friday accords. What were they thinking? Whatever it is, I hope they’re not thinking of a UK-US bilateral trade agreement to make up for what they might lose in leaving the EU. It’s up to the UK … to decide if they want to belong to the EU … that’s their decision … but don’t think you’re going to get a reward if you undermine [the GFA]”.

Speaker Pelosi is not merely indulging in left-versus-right politics: there are millions of US citizens who can trace their roots back to the island of Ireland. They know their history, and why their ancestors emigrated. They have the power to strongly influence the Presidential Election, and many down-ballot contests, in less than two months’ time.

Moreover, she is one of many politicians in the USA who were variously involved in getting the UK and Irish Governments to the point where the GFA could be signed. If Gove and alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson think they can pull a fast one and still have their Stateside cake ready to eat, they have another think coming.

How’s that taking back control working for you, Tory people? Don’t all shout at once.

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Starbuck said...

correction Tim

the EU didn't call for the bill to be removed, contrary to some inaccurate media reports.
only for the contravening parts of it to the Withdrawal Agreement, to be amended or removed, so as not to be in breach of an international agreement.
the EU doesn't really care if London wants to "shove it" to the Nats ... so long as it doesn't interfer with its own rulebook (ie: the Single Market)

best regards,

Anonymous said...

So DO let's forget about a "trade deal" with Yank carpet baggers.

Especially when it involves London tory barrow boys selling the NHS to them.

Fuck them and the chlorinated chicken they ride on.

Jonathan said...

Hahaha, you can bet, of the Mail are ignoring the story, something's a fishy, expect the kites to be flying on Saturday/Sunday for Tory rags suggesting another screeching U turn.