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Saturday 1 June 2013

Telegraph Mass Resignation Imminent

You don’t have to spend much time observing the punditerati of the Maily Telegraph to know that there is one organisation on which they are never shy of venturing an opinion, and that is the BBC. The Corporation gets significant publicity from these august beings, and almost all of it is unremittingly negative. And this is mainly down to what is perceived as bias, as in left-wing bias.
Yes, the Beeb is, for the average Tel writer, a hotbed of leftism. And examples are not hard to find: take, for instance, Ed “Case” West, who opined last year that “The BBC's Left-wing bias isn't in its news coverage; it's in everything else that it does”. He has also authored a “report” which “accuses [the] 'left-wing Corporation of downplaying violence by Islamists'”, according to the Mail.

West won’t want anything to do with that kind of thing, then. And neither will our old friend Dan, Dan The Oratory Man, whingeing that “There's nothing Right-wing about the BNP – except in the BBC sense of 'baddie'”. Yeah, the rotten lefty Beeb is associating fine, upstanding purveyors of dishonesty (as in that Sean Hannity show on Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse)) like Hannan with the BNP!

Dan is unswerving in his conviction that the BBC is part of “the left”: after all, it gave his pal Iain Duncan Cough a hard time, so that means it must be allied with the Mirror (why? Don’t ask) and the deeply subversive Guardian. So he, too, won’t want to sully himself by any association with the Corporation. And nor will his bestest friend James “saviour of Western civilisation” Delingpole.

Del Boy is particularly scathing in his assessment of the BBC: “The BBC is so biased why do I even bother?” he moaned recently. “Every time I'm asked to appear on a BBC programme be it Radio 4's Today or Woman's Hour or Radio 2's Jeremy Vine Show, or a documentary like that Horizon stitch-up, or BBC2's The Daily Politics, I always ask myself the same question: ‘What is the bloody point?’” he added.

Quite so, and he certainly won’t be putting Auntie on his Christmas card list, especially after penning the infamous “How the BBC fell for a Marxist plot to destroy civilisation from within” for the Mail about the supposed abandonment of the terms BC and AD, which turned out to be a story with no basis in fact. There are more who share this stance: Norman Tebbit and Damian Thompson, for example.

So they will no doubt be lining up en masse to resign, following the Patrick Mercer expose, which has been revealed to be a joint venture between the Telegraph and ... the BBC! None of these upstanding pundits can have any truck with this craven act of betrayal, and I look forward to their demonstrating some principled and consistent behaviour by leaving the Tel, for getting into bed with the rotten lefties.

Or perhaps they’ll chicken out. What a bunch of cowardly, stinking hypocrites.


DBC said...

I said to myself as soon as this story broke "thank god the Telegraph are in on this, that way the right-wing press can't accuse the BBC of being biased against the Tories"

Celia said...

Well, Peter Hitchens is always complaining about the BBC, between his many appearances on various BBC TV and radio shows.

Money money money money money.