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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Yikes Readers, Takeoff Aborted!

The now giveaway London Evening Standard may be generally poor in content and rather too full of adverts, but there is the odd decent thing about it, like Paul Waugh’s rather good blog, which has pronounced mayor Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson’s spiffing new airport wheeze well and truly dead.

Bozza had been floating (geddit?!?) the idea of a new airport out in the Thames estuary, home of large numbers of birds of a size large enough to bend a few fan blades when ingested in jet engines in any numbers. The area is also close to the site of a wreck containing rather a lot of unexploded munitions.

The new airport, nicknamed Borisport, would have come with a forty billion quid price tag, and Bozza was still going in to bat for it in his latest Maily Telegraph column (paying, remember, “chicken feed”). But, as Waugh has noted, Young Dave isn’t impressed by his fellow Buller Man’s wizard wheeze.

So it’s come as no surprise that Philip “Slasher” Hammond has confirmed that there are no plans to build any new airports out in the Thames estuary.

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