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Monday 23 August 2010

Foxster’s Millions

Last week, the upcoming campaign for midterm elections in the USA had the burner put under it in some style when News Corporation – the fiefdom of Rupe and Juniormade a one million dollar donation to the Republican Governors’ Association (RGA). That would be the same News Corp that has backed Young Dave in the UK, and of course the proud owners of Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse).

To many, this was no more than confirmation of Rupe’s leaning to the right: the increasingly downmarket Wall Street Journal has been getting more and more shrill and opinionated of late, and Fox’ affiliations are not exactly a secret (plus, of course, for Jon Stewart and his writers at the Daily Show, the ultimate gift that keeps on giving).

But, following the news of the donation, not all media outlets were up to speed on the story. One cable news channel, in fact, not only failed to mention the News Corp Million, but declined to have anyone on air to discuss it. It may surprise some to know that the reluctant network was Fox News, an irony not lost on the folks at MMFA.

Meanwhile, as might be expected, the Daily Show waded in on Wednesday evening, with Stewart doing his Glenn Beck parody, along with the inevitable chalkboard, to illustrate how the News Corp donation is a rather more direct form of intervention than Beck’s usual roundabout of guilt by association. You can still see the show on 4OD. Not long to wait – it’s first up.

And, so far as is known, still no coverage on Fox. As I said, fair and balanced my arse.

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