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Monday 3 August 2009

Something Nasty in the Chippie

Whatever the nutritional value of their product, you expect the offer in the local fish and chip shop to be traditional, good value – and safe. What you don’t expect is that a visit to the chippie can put you in hospital – and, in the case of two unfortunate souls, in intensive care.

Well, that is what has happened in the town of Wrexham, as the Beeb has reported. Apparently the culprit is a strain of E.Coli, and if it has indeed caused passing of blood and renal failure, it must be a pretty virulent one. The outlet concerned has been shut down.

The case highlights the need for decent food hygiene, and moreover shows why the inspectors who monitor and enforce good practice are a necessary thing, rather than the busybodies that some characterisations suggest.

The Zelo Street kitchen doesn’t do chips. But the chef does wash his hands as required. It’s daft not to.

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