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Tuesday 11 August 2009

Make a Wish

From the rhetoric coming out of the Shadow treasury team, one could be forgiven for thinking that a future Tory Government won’t be giving anyone a tax break any time soon. But we can all make a wish in that direction. And my wish, given the amounts involved, wouldn’t cost very much, and may garner votes.

I noted a while ago that IR35 – over which Gordon Brown, for many of my fellow freelancers, is still guilty as charged – had not exactly been a resounding success: it’s raised an average of a paltry one and a half million quid in each of its first six years. It is possible that the cost of recovering monies is exceeding that amount.

So here’s a potential quick opinion win for the Tories. Will they take it? On the face of it, this seems a no brainer. But I’m not optimistic, despite IR35 having been such a complete failure.

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