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Sunday 9 August 2009

Expat Whitehall Farce

To signal the start of the silly season, and to leave Young Dave covered in something rather more substantial than confusion, Michal Kaminski of the Polish Law and Justice Party has expressed views not likely to prove helpful to his new partners in the European Parliament’s ECR grouping.

As I observed last month, the Tories have had to cede leadership of ECR to Kaminski, after he lost the vote for Vice President of the Parliament to disaffected Tory Edward Macmillan-Scott. Now, the leader of Young Dave’s supposedly Eurosceptic grouping has put the Tories in a distinctly uncomfortable position. As today’s deeply subversive Observer has reported, Kaminski has voiced support for the Lisbon Treaty, and then followed the statement with his support for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) which the Tories don’t like at all.

So how will the Tories and their usual band of cheerleaders spin this one? On the face of it, the Law and Justice Party now appears just as unpalatable a partner for the new and more Eurosceptic Cameron Tory Party as the EPP.

What’s a chap to do, Dave?

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