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Wednesday 27 May 2009

A Short Labour

As with the Tories, now with Labour: another “Election Communication” drops onto the mat. This one at least has the benefit of brevity, though whether through choice or expediency is not known.

One side has a Union Flag background, which just looks unusual for Labour. The strapline is “Winning the fight for Britain’s future”. Where? Here at home? Within the EU? In the wider world? It’s not clear, and nor is it explained in much detail, except on the flip side, where there is an attack on the Tories for what they might do.

Well, big deal, say I. What the Tories might do is something that this blog has covered in rather more detail; what I’d expect from the party of government is more about what they intend to do. Also, given that this is for a European election, it would be useful to have the European angle on something – anything – from the main parties (the lack of this in the Tory leaflet I’ve also highlighted).

Is it just here in the North West, or is there generally very little effort or enthusiasm going into the Euro election campaign from the main parties? The only poster I see around the town is a suitably fraudulent UKIP one which has appropriated the image of Winshton, as if he’d have anything to do with a bunch of crackpot Europhobes. I can’t help contrasting this with the scene last week in Budapest, where every advertising hoarding had at least one election poster on it. There seemed to be so much more interest and engagement with the process.

And a lot of the locals speak English. As I’ve said before, now that we’ve got them speaking our language, we should at least bother to get stuck in.

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