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Thursday 7 May 2009

The Savage Sausage

Home Office press releases – they’re dull and boring, right?


The release earlier this week of 22 names has turned up a new comedy genre. For these names were the UK’s least wanted: a few Islamists, a couple of Nazis, a token Ku Klux Klan representative, and other paid up members of the Fruitcake Fringe. And one of those is Michael Savage.

Who he? Savage is one of a growing Stateside media niche, that of the “Shock Jock”. He has, in the recent past, offended Muslims, Gays, and those working with Autism. He is also vain to the point of changing his name: his real surname is Weiner. Yes, he’s a Weiner!

Mr Savage Weiner has taken grave exception to Jacqui Smith’s proscription, and has called her the “lunatic ... home secretary of England”, as the BBC has reported. His rant continues “What does that say about the government of England?”. Well, Mikey baby, it says that your grasp of geo-politics is pretty crap, that’s what. Perhaps he thinks that the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish will welcome him with open arms, but more likely is that he’s just a clueless idiot.

Actually, I’d like to see Mr Savage Weiner come over to little old Englandland, so he can experience some proper debate. Half an hour one on one with George Galloway for starters. An extended slot on The Inquisition Of Pax Jeremiah to follow. And a confrontation with Joanna Lumley and her kukri to finish the SOB off. This would show us what the ranting rightie is really made of.

Otherwise, there’s only one conclusion: he’s just a Weiner!

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