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Friday 1 May 2009

Happy Holiday

Another month, another weekend, another meal choice: I’ve decided that tomorrow will be C-day. That’s as in Curry. So it is that I had to make an extra trip into town to ensure all the ingredients and accompaniments were in place.

And here I had another encounter with a conundrum that I’ve never managed to figure out. May bank holiday is for one day only – next Monday – yet the demand for just about everything in the average supermarket suggests that folks are stocking up for some kind of siege.

Crewe Asda was verging on the manic this morning; what it’s like right now I dread to think. We can’t all be having visitors over the holiday – if so, there would be nobody doing the visiting. Where does the extra food and drink go?

There is, though, one silver lining: it’s nothing like the scale of the bulk buying of foodstuffs that characterises the run up to Christmas. Because that’s, well, a whole two days without access to supermarkets.

And it’s less than eight months away, so you’ve been warned.

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