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Sunday 12 April 2009

Quick Fire Round

That’s Quick as in Bob. And fired he certainly has been. The Assistant Commissioner put the ball in his own net by letting anyone with a half decent digital camera snap a supposedly secret document he would have done better to keep covered.

The announcement of his departure was pre-empted by Mayor of London Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, apparently without giving the Home Secretary or the Commissioner of the Met first go. Boris then followed up his announcement by assuring the gathering that there wasn’t anything political in it, that the Tories hadn’t pushed him.

Oh what a giveaway.

Had there been no political pressure, why go to such lengths to trowel on the denial? Quick angered the Tories over the Damien Green arrest; he then embarrassed Jacqui Smith over terrorism. Therefore he lost the support of both government and opposition. They’re both political entities. What kind of pressure do they therefore generate?

But the worrying thing is the way in which Boris Johnson has given the impression, deliberately or otherwise, that he is running the Met. He isn’t. And he should not be so suggesting.

In the meantime, the anti terror operation that Bob Quick was overseeing has gone ahead. Hopefully the intelligence will be better this time than with the botched operation against two innocent men in Forest Gate, where the impression was given that their only crimes were “Possessing beards with intent” and “Reading the Qur’an with malice aforethought”.

The catch all of “Walking on the cracks in the pavement” was no doubt allowed to lay on file.

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