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Saturday 18 April 2009

Potty Training

The police have got themselves a whole load of bad press recently, much of it richly deserved. Here’s a little more: two Austrian tourists (father and son) have decided that they would rather not return to London after they were apparently forced to delete all their transport related photographs for, you guessed, “security reasons”. It is, plainly, potty. The deeply subversive Guardian has the story here.

The Met are now “investigating”, which may be code for “nobody has yet owned up”.

Also, the impression is gaining hold in at least one Usenet community that the “officer” involved may have been a PCSO, in which case they aren’t in a position to tell punters to delete their snaps. And neither are security guards, whatever the appearance of their uniforms or their demeanour.

It does seem that, like rail staff, the direction and training given from the top of the organisations concerned is not getting through to those “on the ground”, or that such people are varying the rules to suit themselves.

If in doubt, summon the real Police. And, whatever the outcome, by all means tell the media. This sort of thing has to be stopped.

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