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Thursday 23 April 2009

All Hail the Prezza!

Has politics lost its sense of humour? That supporting cast of more or less eccentric MPs seems to be in terminal decline. And typical of the retreat of “real characters” is the vacating of centre stage by John Prescott.

Even though you knew there was going to be a comprehensive mangling of the English language as soon as he opened his mouth, it still made for good copy or viewing. The odd details were good fun, too: that shortest of car journeys to keep Pauline’s hair just so, and the response to egg throwing that Michael Grade, while guesting on Have I Got News For You, described as “the Eric Cantona memorial blow”. And all the time he waved that pledge card.

Added to all of this was Prezza’s blatant infidelity, made all the more improbable when his bulk and love of Chinese fill-ups were considered. What kind of chat-up line would someone like him use? “Ey up, Tracey, catch the romantic whiff of that fart”, perhaps?

At least he could summarise the affair in suitable language: “Traditional misbehaviour in a modern setting”.

There’s a pledge for you.

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