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Tuesday 2 November 2021

Bozo Snooze Cover-Up PROBED

The perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog were their usual sneering selves yesterday as they followed the example of Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse) in attacking the US President. “Biden Loses Sleep Over COP … SLEEPY JOE” they howled, going on to snipe “78-year-old Joe Biden struggled to concentrate during some of the impassioned COP26 speeches this afternoon”.

Asleep and maskless, but not in the papers ...

But Biden nodding off was as nothing when put alongside the rather more serious sleepiness exhibited at the same event by alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, not that you would know this from the right-leaning part of our free and fearless press, and indeed, so it seems, the BBC too.

... while he wore a mask and was in the papers

Bozo was seated between David Attenborough and UN Secretary General António Guterres, both of whom were wearing face coverings. Bozo was not wearing one. But he was, as the images show, fast asleep. He also appeared dishevelled. He had turned up half an hour late for his keynote address, misjudged the mood of the conference by peppering his speech with bad jokes, and the exhortations appear to have tired him out.

All of which ought to concern the watching media, given Bozo is more than 20 years Joe Biden’s junior. One Tweeter, observing the snoozing Bozo, was unimpressed. “Bored are you? And where’s your bloody mask? You said we should wear them in crowded spaces!! Oh, sorry, maybe you are convivially fraternal with these people you’ve never met”.

Would the member for times long past Jacob Rees Mogg have been able to snootily dismiss questions on Bozo’s state of advanced tiredness? Meanwhile, Chris Shaw observed the sleeping PM and mused “Johnson, acting as though it really is one minute to midnight”. So what would our national broadcaster make of this dereliction of duty?

As if you need to ask. Briefcase Mike told that “[Laura] Kuenssberg’s package on [COP26] included a shot of Biden listening to speeches with his eyes closed but not a shot of a maskless Johnson doing the same. Of course closed eyes doesn't mean you're asleep. My late father was frequently ‘just resting my eyes’”. Ho ho ho.

Nick Tolhurst returned to Bozo’s sheer selfishness. “95 year old David Attenborough looking after Boris Johnson’s health by wearing a mask … while Boris Johnson couldn’t give a shit if Attenborough catches Covid or not”. Actor and presenter Adil Ray was on the same page. “Here’s our Prime Minister ‘leading by example’ by sitting without a mask on a global stage in the middle of a pandemic, next to Sir David Attenborough who is 95 years old. If Sir David is, why wouldn’t you?” And then came an intervention from Tim Walker.

That’s too much booze for you, as you approach 60. There was always - and I remember this from my Telegraph days - a manic intensity to Johnson’s drinking. Others would give themselves a day off every now and again. Not him. It was as if he feared any consciousness of who he is”. Not merely tired, but also emotional? There was more.

I mean as I get older, in common with most people, I do drink less. Still happy to drink with people I love and I think it enriches my life. Johnson still drinks like he is a lot younger than he is and I am afraid there is a word for that and it’s not a pretty word”. Anyone else would be pilloried were that to be true. So the press will be swift to debunk Walker’s claim.

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Anonymous said...

In Scotland, which is where Johnson was when this happened, it is mandatory to wear masks indoors at events such as this. Will he be sanctioned?

David said...

GF salvaged the situation (they thought) by hurriedly by dredging up a 2019 pic of David Lammey seemingly dozing in the house - but had to also say that their original pic had been cropped and his eyes were down reading a phone text message. (Given he was behind Kate Hoey on her feet delivering a Brexit rant, I have forgiven him for going for a nap, anyway !) Guy Fawkes 0 The World of Truth 2

Anonymous said...

Of course the BBC will say nothing - it's terrified it'll upset possibly the most pig-ignorant culture secretary ever appointed to the role and it won't get past its centenary next November, especially when Dacre gets anointed as chairman of OFCOM.

Anonymous said...

Dozy Bozo.

Has a ring to it.

Unlike his empty platitudes.

Mr Larrington said...

I cannot help but think that this is taking Bloody Stupid Johnson's rampant Churchill fanboism a step too far.

Anonymous said...

Sleep… More …. Pissed

There … a new three word slogan for him to parrot to the masses

Peter said...

COP rules, the area is handed over to the UN for the duration.
BUT common decency he should have adhered to scottish rules, but given his efforts for past 2 years to UNDERMINE scottish efforts, its no surprise he shows he has no decency.