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Monday 18 May 2020

Del Boy’s Dodgy Journalism Fail

After the USA comes the UK: the anti-lockdown movement that was not a grassroots protest has crossed the North Atlantic and arrived in London. Actually, it was supposed to arrive in a variety of other towns and cities, but very few people turned up. This was an opportunity for the usual libertarian suspects to whine at the law to no purpose.
"Gay marriage" ... "Glo-bal war-ming" ... "Red meat conservatism" ... "pointless whinging" ... "political irrelevance" ... "career oblivion"
Chief among those suspects was James “saviour of Western civilisation” Delingpole, who travelled unnecessarily from Northamptonshire to rock up at Speaker’s Corner last Saturday because he claims to be a journalist. Del Boy was representing the convocation of the irredeemably batshit otherwise known as Breitbart London.
While there, Del Boy was approached by the Police, who were trying their best to get those assembled to disperse and go home, as there was no purpose in their gathering other than to flout the lockdown, and thus increase the risk of some of their number becoming infected with the Coronavirus. Breitbart were not happy.
Delingpole Confronted by Police at Anti-Lockdown Rally … Corona cops threaten to arrest Breitbart’s James Delingpole at anti-lockdown protest in London” they howled. Former UKIP leader Gerard Batten was most put out. “This is absolute nonsense! The copper has no mask, is standing 18 inches away. The Police College & Chief Constables have already said the Govnt Guidelines are unenforceable, they are unlawful. 44 Cases already kicked out. But I guess they are ‘just following orders’?” And there was more.
The loathsome Toby Young was incandescent. “This policeman is threatening to fine my journalistic colleague [James Delingpole] if he continues reporting on yesterday’s protest in Hyde Park. Since when can the police decide what journos can and can’t report? More on the demo in today’s [Lockdown Sceptics]”. More propaganda not worth reading, then.
Mercenary hack Isabel Oakeshott concurred. “Unbelievable”. But the cops had a good point: anyone’s presence at an unnecessary gathering is, well, unnecessary. And Del Boy was not displaying his press pass clearly. His excuse was that it wasn’t like it was a war he was reporting on. The UK’s Covid-19 death toll is now approaching the civilian death toll for the whole six years of World War 2, but it’s totally different, eh?
What didn’t get picked up was the Tory boot boy connection. Mahyar Tousi helpfully filled in that particular blank: “Socially distanced selfie with James Delingpole. We’re in Hyde Park reporting at the anti-lockdown protest”. Tousi is an old pal of Mark Clarke of Tory bullying infamy, and of André Walker, sacked in disgrace from Windsor and Maidenhead council.
Those not out there in libertarian la-la land were unimpressed. Colette Austin asked “Commentators of a certain political persuasion are up in arms after police threatened to fine … James Delingpole for 'reporting' on today's protest in Hyde Park. Just curious, do 'reporters' normally do this [say ‘see you there’] before they rush off to cover a demo?"
QTWTAIN. And one Tweeter observed simply “James Delingpole is a walking reminder of just how shallow the gene pool is in places”. I couldn’t possibly comment.

Del Boy was advised to go back home. No story there. More pointless whinging, then.
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J said...

Wasn't he the one crying recently about how he was very unwell and needed people to fund his treatment for Weils disease, and that all you need to do is take zinc and a placebo to prevent you from getting covid-19?

Or was that some other grifting alt-reich loon?

Anonymous said...

How ironic, the so-called far right fighting for our liberty and freedoms.

"Police, who were trying their best to get those assembled to disperse and go home, as there was no purpose in their gathering other than to flout the lockdown, and thus increase the risk of some of their number becoming infected with the Coronavirus."

Surely their choice, but the authoritarian left have a problem with people thinking for themselves.

The toffee (597) said...

Oakshite: 'Unbelieveable'

Now imagine she'd also turned up at that 'rally' and it was HER rather than 'dogs having sex' delingpole getting 'spoken to'?

She'd have screamed for delingpole to have been nicked in order to save her own pelt, the rat.

As for 'tobes', I hope he shows at one of these protests and the old bill don't even bother telling him to go home, but instead just give him a fucking good drubbing like they do with your common & garden pissed-up punter on any Saturday night up & down the land.

In that case I wouldn't want to prosecute the plod if they did - but rather if they didn't.

Coughs and Sneeezes Spread Diseases said...

People thinking for themselves realise that an infected alt-right bozo roaming around public places, supermarkets, buses, trains etc., is a mobile virus spreader.

Anonymous said...

That's not thinking that is merely compliance, the alt-left loons read 1984 and thought it an instruction manual. But if you happy living in a police state, but It suppose it depends who is doing the policing. Pity plod didn't keep the streets safe for right-minded folk when the Extinction Rebellion loons decided to impose themselves on others.

Anonymous said...

Are you a 'so called twat' then?

Anonymous said...

If enjoying the prospect of watching the rozzas truncheon Tobes and that streak of piss Delingpole in the face makes me a hypocrite , then I gladly accept the label.

Anonymous said...

Delingpole is just bitter because the only people who take him seriously are the same people who follow David Icke and Infowars. A motley assortment of racists and deluded crackpots.

Anonymous said...

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

C. S. Lewis

Pin that on your wall in CAPITALS!

Anonymous said...

By heck, the Age of Enlightenment passed some poor sods by, try tolerance and discussion, hate and name calling are so medieval.

Theo Dicy said...

Show how Bozo Johnson's Government is a tyranny that is sincerely exercising its power for the good of the people.
Use uppercase and pin your work to the inside of your wardrobe.

Anonymous said...

Apologists for the far right deserve any and all abuse they get.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of deluded saddos, wishing you well

Anonymous said...

I see Delingpole is laying into Boris today on that erudite and informative news site he writes for. Being an old duffer yourself you must approve, unless you are wanting to martyr yourself to save your beloved NHS. Anyhow all old people voted for Brexit and are now Tories even if they did vote in Darlin' Harold in 1964, when Labour was labour, so are expendable to today's unfeeling woke Guardianistas. On the bright side the pension payments no longer required can be used to pay Generation Cancelled to not work.

grim northerner said...


The Liar, the itch and the commode said...

W⚓ @16:00 who wrote: -
"Anyhow all old people voted for Brexit and are now Tories"

YouGov post Referendum stated that 40% aged over 55 years voted Remain. 40% is 10% short of half.
YouGov pointed out that it was mostly people with little or no educational qualifications who voted Leave.

If you think that the Tories are going to spend more money on JSA, you must be one of the thickest inhabitants of Britain.

A Delingpole success to copy and paste: -
"At least Delingpole succeeds in improving the image of the upper classes. Whenever he opens his mouth to defend them, they magically become 50 times less irritating. Than him." - Charlie Brooker reviewing Channel 4's documentary 'The British Upper Class'.

N said...

Instead, I'll tell you to shut the hell up and never use other people's words to support your delusions.

N said...

You've never worked a day in your far right life.