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Tuesday 26 May 2020

Reasoned UK - Who Funds You?

Currently touring the broadcasters in his efforts to prop up the rapidly crumbling reputation of chief Downing Street polecat Dominic Cummings, Darren Grimes, who admitted he was so inept he couldn’t fill in a form properly (a variation on the “Rebekah Brooks Defence”) had news at the beginning of last month about his latest career move.
Darren Grimes

Some news: I'm leaving [the IEA] this month to seek out new opportunities (I know, great timing, eh genius?). I've made friends for life during two of the toughest years of my life. That small, mad but wonderful and brilliantly talented office has taught me so, so very much”. So, moving right along from the sick bucket, what’s Dazza now up to?
Two days ago, he brought us the answer. “Tomorrow I'm launching [Reasoned UK]. I want you to join us in thinking for yourself and not following the online mob. I want you to join us in standing against the tide and in helping to bring a reasoned fightback to this madness. I want you to join us”. So what does Reasoned UK offer us?
Its mission isTo challenge the pervasive left-wing bias in online content, much of which originates from the UK’s mainstream media and activist groups”. That’s the bias which doesn’t extend to Himself and all the other right-wing shills who infest the airwaves right now. And he fails to explain that most of the hated MSM leans to the right.
Any more groundless assertions he wants to pitch? “Many people - and particularly younger people - don’t have a view on the merits of conservative values simply because they haven’t been exposed to them”. Bullshit. They get exposed to them every time he, or Tom Harwood, or Kate Andrews, or any of the other right-wingers, pops up on TV.
His solution? “Reasoned provides a mix of entertaining and informative content to help viewers reach their own informed opinions on a range of political and current affairs topics. Our content includes short films, animated monologues with special guests, and longer-form interviews with people from across the political spectrum”. Yeah, right.
The latest efforts from the Reasoned UK Twitter feed promote the views of Melanie “not just Barking but halfway to Upminster” Phillips, and Brendan O’Neill of Spiked, so called because it should have been long ago. It’s not original, it’s not entertaining, and it’s just the same tired old right-wing rubbish. And then another question enters.
Who’s paying for it? Well, among all those pointing out his hypocrisy over Polecat Dom - another of those occasions where someone wasn’t quick enough deleting the incriminating Tweet - one voice has claimed to have the answer. The Tweeter known as Loki has claimed “Just so everyone knows Reasoned UK is just the youth arm of the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) right wing think tank set up to basically carry on Thatcherism”.
Perhaps Dazza would like to address this point. He is, after all, a stickler for detail, even if it is only what people say about him, rather than the accuracy of what he says about others. Did he leave the IEA, but then not really leave the IEA after all?

Who’s paying for Darren Grimes’ latest doomed venture? We’ll find out. Sooner or later.
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Anonymous said...

The unfortunately-named Grimes will have to "justify" these "conservative values" -

"Greed is good"
"There's no such thing as society".

Plus he'll have to explain the "family values" of, just for starters, Bozo, Major, Currie and - no laughing at the back - Seesil Parkinson.

In your own time, Grimesy.

Anonymous said...

Such a scrubbed up, clean shaven, well dressed young chap, but with a down to earth name. Will go far. Cleanliness is next to godliness!

rob said...

Wonder if it will last longer than Rightnowmedia?

That company lasted only two and a half months (from incorporation end of Oct 2019 to application to strike off in middle of Jan 2020). Perhaps job/project finished after election and Brexit won?

No accounts filed. Convenient?

Darren G said...

Private Eye have done some digging as well


Gill said...

I this the link....? All roads lead to Koch Foundation

Also Koch is lined to Spiked online and Claire Fox and Institute of Ideas and others