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Tuesday 26 May 2020

Boris No Longer Popular

The lockdown-breaking antics of chief Downing Street polecat Dominic Cummings refuse to be pushed off the news agenda. Try as he might, the man ultimately responsible for this, alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, cannot influence matters. His attempt to deflect attention away, on to the possible reopening of non-essential shops sometime next month, was lost in the mayhem. And then it got worse.
During the first few weeks of the lockdown, Bozo The Clown’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic scored well with the public. That he had dithered, that the UK was almost certainly weeks late in locking down, that there were many thousands of excess deaths, well, voters shrugged, he was doing his best. But they saw Cummings flouting the rules, saw that he didn’t care, saw that Bozo backed him, and that did not go down well.

As the Independent has reported, “Boris Johnson’s approval rating has plunged by 20 points in four days, amid the ongoing Dominic Cummings scandal, according to new polling … Public opinion on both the prime minister and his government has turned rapidly after Mr Cummings admitted to having driven to Durham despite the coronavirus lockdown”. And it wasn’t just his personal approval rating.

Overall government approval turned negative, to -2 per cent, according to data from polling group Savanta ComRes. That represents a drop of 16 points in just a single day”. How bad is it? “Mr Johnson’s approval also turned negative as the scandal continued. it dropped from +19 per cent to -1 per cent since Friday, the same data showed … Public opinion of individual ministers such as Matt Hancock, the health secretary, and chancellor Rishi Sunak also fell. Both ministers publicly backed Mr Cummings over the weekend”.
When the scandal hit, Bozo’s approval rating was +19%. Now it’s -1. His “approval rating has dropped more than 35 points since the start of May, and is down by 48 points from its peak on 8 April. In that same time period, Sir Keir [Starmer]’s approval rating fluctuated between 21 per cent and 3 per cent. It is currently at 12 per cent - nearly double its previous figure of 7 per cent”. And there was worse news for Bozo.

The New European had results from an Opinium poll: “47% of people surveyed by Opinium now approve of Labour’s leader, an increase of five points, compared to 17% disapproving (down one point). By contrast 45% of those surveyed approve of Boris Johnson, down one point, compared to 39% that disapprove of Johnson (up three points) … [Starmer] is on +30 points whereas Johnson is on +6 points in the net approval ratings”.

Bozo wants more than anything else to be loved, despite much of his behaviour precipitating rather different emotions in those who interact with him. But his problem is twofold: Polecat Dom is central to his Downing Street operation and the PM cannot countenance losing him. But if he fails to lose him, and soon, voters will cease to love him, perhaps permanently. They have made sacrifices; Bozo and his pals don’t have to.

And all the while, a succession of Tory MPs joins the growing list of those dissenting from the Polecat fan club. That revolt, and public dissent, could be headed off by simply bowing to the inevitable and sacking the SOB. But he has to not only do it, but do it soon.

Otherwise he’s just another lame duck PM, sitting there and waiting for electoral defeat.
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Anonymous said...

Bozo "popular"?

Oh purleeease.

70% of the eligible electorate DIDN'T vote tory at the GE 2019.

And the Starmer Quiff didn't exactly set the membership alight during the last Labour Party leadership election. Or since.

Fact is, British parliamentary politics aren't fit for purpose and haven't been for decades - some of it actually encourages institutional corruption. We don't even have a constitution to pick over.

So No, Bozo isn't "popular", except within the laughable artificial limits of public relations bullshit and a visibly decaying system. If Britain was a genuine democracy with accountable politicians and corporate media such an obvious lying charlatan and chancer wouldn't get near power.

Anonymous said...

Would be nice to think of Bojo as a lame duck PM but the clampit has massive majority. People have a short memory. Four and half years time both he and Dim Dom will have cooked up another " get Brexit done " type phrase to fool the voters again. I hope I'm wrong though.

The toffee (597) said...

De piffle's shite, but the public supposedly approving of starmer?

What has he done? Starmer's had weapons-grade shit to fling at the toerags and the best he's done is: 'I'd have sacked cummings'

...And that's IT!

Just like when DPP he refused to prosecute damien grope for aiding and abetting misfeasance in a public office (Carries a life sentence) then resigned as DPP on the very same day the met told the nation that grant shapps' *Ahem* dealings: 'May have constituted fraud'

They're both establishment goons when all's said and done. A plague on both of the rodents.

Anonymous said...

China has ensured socialism/communism is dead for all time in the UK. Although the authoritarian left have almost completed their long march through Britain's institutions, they can no longer count on winning any election having completely abandoned and demeaned their traditional support base which, despite Blair declaring we are all middle class, outnumbers them. So the lower orders turn blue, except Boris is NOT a Conservative has I knew them, he is a wishy-washy liberal blairite, but savvy enough to know we have had enough of Europe and being told we are racist for wanting to put our children's needs before those of illegal economic migrants.

How odd that freedom of expression and libertarianism is now the preserve of those to the RIGHT of the present government, when in days of yore this was the the far lefts progressive position. Today's "liberals" are wanting to straightjacket everyone in deed and thought, witch hunting, no platforming, threatening employment of anyone who strays from their view.

Sir Keir can never win an election without regaining Scotland, but the policies needed to do so would have his metropolitan elite power base foaming at the mouth.

Polls mean nowt these days, people simply tell them what they think they want to hear then do something different. Blame the overwrought MSM for that.

Citizen of Gammonstan said...

Anon 18:49:

Which libertarianism is that? Left-libertarianism or right-libertarianism?

Anonymous said...

You choose, but there is only one sort.

grim northerner said...

The sort that the Tufton Street cabal are attempting to foist on us by using stolen data to target the gullible using crude nationalism Perchance?

grim northerner said...

Hooray for Katie Hopkins, just saying it for how it is.

Gonzoland said...

You're criticising Starmer for acting with due respect for the law and in a dignified manner?
No one, especially not the Director of Public Prosecutions, should state that someone has committed fraud when they haven't been convicted in a Court of Law.
The office of the DPP is not a one man show. A decision at the DPP to prosecute or not prosecute is taken after full consideration by a team of professional lawyers.
If you want a barrack room lawyer, try Wetherspoons when they re-open.

Johnspartacusanonymous said...

Attempting to prescribe/define what libertarianism is? Sounds a bit contradictory to me. Perhaps you're full of it.

Anonymous said...

There's been a coup. They've won. Either fight it, or leave. It's going to get a lot worse.

grim northerner said...

So that's a yes then.

grim northerner said...

Indeed, it's beginning to resemble a right-wing version of what happened in the 60s, all grimly fascinating.