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Thursday 14 May 2020

Nadine Dorries - The Sack Awaits

Those out there on the far right love to disseminate dishonest propaganda in order to whip up the hatred of their target audience, usually towards those on the left, and especially anyone involved with legal matters, who can be accused of being soft on all those Scary Muslims™ they love to demonise. So it was that a Twitter account which has now vanished into the ether put out a smear video featuring Labour leader Keir Starmer.
However, and here we encounter a significantly sized however, the video had been so heavily edited as to make it worse than misleading, a smear. This did not deter three Tory MPs who then Tweeted it out to their followers. As Peter Walker’s Guardian article tells, the video “falsely claimed Sir Keir Starmer obstructed the prosecution of grooming gang members when he led the Crown Prosecution Service”. So who Tweeted it out?
Maria Caulfield, who represents Lewes, was one. Lucy Allan, representing the unfortunate voters of Telford, and who mistakenly backed alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson over his less than honest PMQs performance yesterday, was another. And making up this ramshackle triumvirate was (yes, it’s her again) Nadine Dorries, who, let us not forget, is now a minister at the Department of Health and Social Care.
As Walker has also told, “Asked if the MPs … should not have shared the misleading 22-second clip, Boris Johnson’s spokesman said he had no comment … They have all now deleted their tweets. Johnson’s spokesman declined to say whether they had been ordered to do so, or whether Dorries might have breached the ministerial code in sharing the video”. Also, none of the three has yet apologised for sharing the video.
Worse, as John O’Connell of Far Right Watch has pointed out, “The [NJamesWorld] account, the source of the hoax video of Keir Starmer RTd by [Tory] MPs [Nadine Dorries], [Lucy Allan] and [Maria Caulfield]… is not just **Far Right**. 'James' is James (Edwin or Edding) who has links with National Action. A banned Neo Nazi Terrorist Group”.
Have a think about that: three Tory MPs just happen to pick up on National Action-linked propaganda. Peter Walker, meanwhile, has mused “We've written a story about about the series of Tory MPs sharing a seemingly defamatory tweet about Keir Starmer sent [by] a hard-right account. As yet, no sign of an apology from any of them, which might not be the wisest decision”. And LBC host James O’Brien has taken a particular interest.
As well as reflecting “If you're wondering why Tory MPs had to go after Keir Starmer in such a vile and dishonest fashion today, then you probably missed PMQs yesterday”, he added “The Department of Health's press office was on the 'phone within minutes last week asking us to clarify a Health Service Journal story. We happily obliged. Today, we couldn't get any answer to our questions about a health minister spreading far right lies about Keir Starmer”. And he had a worrying final thought on the matter.
The far right routinely disseminate & pretend to believe things they know not to be true to stoke hatred & division. To see the tactic being adopted by Conservative MPs & even an actual minister is a moment of real danger for our democracy. It demands the strongest leadership”. In other words, Bozo The Clown has to sack Nadine Dorries. Like now.

That’s before the legal action starts. It’s not Ms Dorries’ first offence. She has to go.
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Anonymous said...

Burn the witch!

Arnold said...

All three have been reprimanded by the Whips.

Gulliver Foyle said...

The thing is though, whether they apologize or not (Ben Bradshaw and Rees-Mogg both apologized for tweeting lies about Corbyn) and whether they get sacked or not (Priti Patel anybody) it won't make a blind bit of difference.

An apology or a sacking over this now, 4 and a half years before the next GE is irrelevant and if/when the polls narrow, and especially if they do so close to an election, you can be damn sure similar smears over Starmer’s years at the CPS will be enthusiastically regurgitated by CCHQ and their friends in the RW legacy print media.

grim northerner said...

The far right are slowly merging into the mainstream right, the goal being the mass privatisation and asset stripping. The useful idiot's at the 'sun' reading end of the spectrum have no clue as to what will be instore for them if boris and his cabinet of crypto libertarians get another term in office. They remind me of Tom Cruise in 'oblivion' where a sinister alien a.i distorts his reality and has him attacking the last of the human race, fooling him into thinking he is killing the enemy. Well fuck them all,fuck the bruges groups, fuck the tories, fuck farage, and fuck every halfwit who reads the sun. I'm going to drink, and live out the rest of my life oblivions to the lot. im out

Arnold said...

At much the same time. Coincidence or orchestrated?

iMatt said...

Why do these twits of MP's think that by deleting their Tweets will make everything disappear? Do they think no-one can simply create screenshots? They are just not that bright, are they? But then, we are dealing with Nadine Dorries!

Anonymous said...

Curious all three picked up on the video around the same time. Coincidence or were they 'tasked?' A certain Australian harpy who is digital campaigns manager at No 10 has a spot of previous for re-tweeting right wing extremists plus questionable practices.

Anonymous said...

Dorries in a vital office of state, like all her fellow cabinet-Nastzis, is what happens when a country deliberately smashes its moral compass.

The sheer rottenness of the Britain 2020 socioeconomic and political system is evident to everyone except our surfeit of Mr and Mrs Micawbers and downright fascists.

Ultimately, Dorries is small time irrelevant compared to our deep cultural decay. Getting rid of her will achieve nothing. It's Britain's Micawber capitalism we need to be rid of.

Anonymous said...

Middle of a major pandemic......glad our Health Minister is on the case

grim northerner said...

One of the main propagators of the slime on twitter is a prick called didier delmar , he has thousands of followers who he riles up with far right claptrap, his party trick is to post something racist, then produce pictures of his dark skinned wife as a 'gotcha', when challanged, this takedown is then relentlessly retweeted by his morally repugnent followers.
It would be a shame if this prick got a taste of his own medicine. This is his hashtag @didiertweets

Jonathan said...

The sheer irony of Nadine Dorres being Monster for Mental Health and Patient Safety, is she is the most inept and deeply unpleasant individual MP and person to hold that office.

I once enquired about a return to practice as a Mental Health Nurse,a response came back from Nadine Dorres office, to say it was nasty and disrespectful and didn't answer to question was quite enlightening as to the atmosphere Dorres creates, projects and treats others.

Dorres isn't fit for any office or to be an MP.
She needs the sack asap, but Polecat Dom wants to keep her on team Bozza.

Anonymous said...

"That’s before the legal action starts."

Starmer has ruled this out, which I think is a mistake; it would have sent a clear message that tactics like this will not be tolerated.

The toffee (597) said...

I notice they're strangely silent on why starmer (When DPP) refused point blank to prosecute damien grope, or michael green/seb fox/grant shapps or whatever his name is today...

I'm not arsed anyway, starmer's a greasy slimy fucker who's as much about the establishment as his toff opposites. Fuck 'em all.