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Thursday 28 May 2020

Attorney General - Pants On Fire

While the debate over how chief Downing Street polecat Dominic Cummings broke the rules he helped to draw up, and the difficulty that alleged Prime Minister Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his pals have in admitting the problem, continues to rage, the role of the country’s chief law officer is coming under increasing scrutiny.
Suella Braverman

This is because current incumbent Suella “cultural Marxism” Braverman obediently waded in to the post-revelation discussion in a fashion which may have prejudiced her role. After the statement from Downing Street that claimed Polecat Dom “believes he behaved responsibly and legally”, Ms Braverman told her followers “Protecting one’s family is what any good parent does. The [10 Downing Street] statement clarifies the situation and it is wholly inappropriate to politicise it”. This may have been a little over-enthusiastic.
So enthusiastic, in fact, that Charlie Falconer decided to press the point on her upholding the rule of law, given that she had effectively judged the Cummings affair in Dom’s favour. Sadly, she did not give him the assurance he sought, instead claiming “There is of course no question of my having offered any public legal view … nor of seeking to pre-empt any formal investigation”. It didn’t look like that from her Tweet. But there was more.
The purpose of my comments, as I think would be obvious to a fair-minded observer, was simply to support the decision to clarify events. You will understand that I propose to make no further comment”. Probably a wise move in the circumstances. Falconer observed “Attorney General has replied to my letter. I sought assurances she would uphold the rule of law, in the light of her tweeting in favour of accepting Cummings' account. She gives no assurance. Instead she gives a disingenuous account of her earlier tweet”.
The Tweeter known as The Secret Barrister was in no doubt about what Ms Braverman had done. “The Attorney General does not understand her constitutional function. Worse, she abuses her position and then lies about it. There is something dangerously askew with the government’s attitude towards the rule of law”. See also Matt Hancock recently.
Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos compared and contrasted. “Re #DominicCummnings: The Attorney General [Suella Braverman] on May 27: ‘There is of course no question of my having offered any public legal view ... nor of seeking to pre-empt any formal investigation’ … The AG on May 23: ‘Protecting one's family is what any good parent does!’
But perhaps this should not come as a surprise, given Ms Braverman’s recent track record. Not only was there the regrettable “Cultural Marxism” incident, where she used an expression with a Neo-Nazi backstory and was given a roasting by the Board of Deputies of British Jews as a result, she was also caught lying about a Tory fringe group.
She was quizzed by Krishnan Guru-Murthy of Channel 4 News about the European Research Group. He, as Scram News later reported, “argued that, if we are all paying for the work of the ERG, we should be able to know who’s a member of it … Braverman then flagrantly lied by saying that the list of ERG members ‘is all on the public record.’ Yet when Guru-Murthy asked where he could access it, Braverman couldn’t answer”.

Now she has brought her unique combination of ineptitude and dishonesty up to date by joining the pro-Polecat cheerleaders before engaging brain. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Anonymous said...

One more example of a country inching its way toward the same fate as the Weimar Republic.

We'll know the journey is complete when we get a Roland Friesler as AG.

Meanwhile, Braverman will do as a Poundshop substitute.

Darren G said...

Go get the popcorn as Paul Staines has noe turned his attention to the secret barrister and all the lemmings are jumping on what he is tweeting

Anonymous said...

Braverman says "The [10 Downing Street] statement clarifies the situation and it is wholly inappropriate to politicise it”. She presumably means: to use it for partisan advantage. And yet Conservative MP Danny Kruger, formerly Johnson’s former political secretary, wrote to other MPs, saying “No 10 won’t budge, so calling for DC to go is basically declaring no confidence in PM.” Will Ms. Braverman chastise Kruger for politicising the situation or will she remain silent?

grim northerner said...

Adorno what her problem is.