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Saturday 21 November 2009

Wrap Up Warm

The time is rapidly approaching for departure from the pleasantly warm Algarve and a return to what looks like a far colder and wetter home climate. I remain optimistic that nothing will be forgotten from the ritual of packing, and will be keeping the second LumpCam (tm) with me at all times. And I will try to make time at Liverpool Airport to check the hold luggage to make sure it’s all there before I walk out of the place and therefore “accept” it.

There may be less posting on Zelo Street for a few days, as I’ve got “only” 363 photos to sift through, group, edit, then upload some to Fotopic and finally title them all. But then, there will also be renewed exposure to the spectator sport that is Politics, so if events intervene, perhaps the photos will have to be sifted through more slowly.

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