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Friday 6 November 2009

Strike? What Strike? – 2

The series of strikes by postal workers has now been called off. I am not surprised. Not only was the impression given, as I posted recently, that the strike may not have been totally solid, but the time of year is also significant.

Some years ago, I was moving house – fortunately an uncommon event, given the stress it causes – and the chain, with its attendant paperwork, was ready to go. Almost all were agreed that we should proceed – except one: it was late November, and the dissenter was a postman. Nothing, but nothing, would stand between him and his Christmas pay packet.

So it is with the current dispute. All will now be well until Christmas is behind us. After that, nobody should assume that, merely because a truce has been called, the state of industrial relations will be any more cordial. The only significant reason for calling off the action is to ensure that postal workers get their seasonal pay day.

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