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Wednesday 8 July 2009

Tweet With Sarah

Yes, last year’s Party Conference season is a long time in the past. But humour me – there’s a point to the brief reminiscence. Remember how Pa Broon was going to have to give the speech of his life? Right up until that point, his leadership was supposedly on a knife edge (nothing new there, then) and it was going to have to be something special.

Then, in an unexpected move, up stepped Team Broon’s secret weapon. Wife Sarah took to the stage to introduce her husband. Almost at once the conference was charmed: the leader’s speech may have been half decent, but her presence set the mood, and pulled him well clear of the hole.

Well, now the secret weapon is being deployed once more, though in a more subtle way. Sarah Brown, we are being told – and rather a lot, thanks – has taken to Twitter, and will be Tweeting from the G8, from Downing Street, in fact from wherever – and whenever.

It’s all so very unthreatening. We can find out about baking cakes, although my first culinary priority is tomorrow’s vat of curry, so I’ll pass on the baking. But seriously, this isn’t being done without a purpose. Pa Broon may have baulked at the idea of using his children as objects of propaganda (compare with the ultra cheesy first frames of WebCameron), but Sarah is savvy, she’s smart, and she knows her PR.

So what? So if Labour thinks there is any chance of their winning the next General Election, the party will be ready to throw all their weaponry into the fight. Expect to see more tweets from Sarah Brown, and more of whatever else is considered useful to the cause.

And all the way to Election day.

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