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Wednesday 29 July 2009

Let It Snow

There can be few more embarrassing moments that the one suffered in 2006 by recursive sleb Tara Palmer-Tomkinson: having claimed to have kicked her cocaine habit years earlier, she suffered a well publicised nasal collapse, later having to undergo reconstructive surgery.

The kind explanation was that this was merely a consequence of a long ended dependency: others were more forthright in asserting that she’d never come off the white powder. One thing is for certain: cocaine (aka snow) has a progressively corrosive effect on the user’s nose. So persistent use of the stuff cannot ultimately be denied.

It was the experience of the former “It Girl” that came to mind today when looking at a recent photo of a well known politician: one very confident person is showing the first signs of eccentricity in the nasal contours. My first thought is, well, so what? If that person wants to enjoy a snort or three, that’s their business. However, my belief that we need to have a less hysterical and more reasoned approach to the so called “drug problem” does not trump UK law. Moreover, moral judgment in this area comes not from bloggers of independent thought, but the likes of puritans such as Paul Dacre, the legendarily foul mouthed editor of the Daily Mail, followed no doubt by the rest of the tabloid pack.

The need for anyone in politics who is partial to any kind of illegal substance to exercise care cannot be overstated. But folks who do cocaine tend not to be careful. And the higher up the party hierarchy they are, the worse the potential for damage if they were to get caught. Another good reason, if one were needed, not to go into politics in the first place. So will there be any clues as to the identity of this person?

All in good time.

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