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Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Life Goes On

The atmosphere around the Westminster village and within political circles generally is bordering on the febrile. Speculation is rife: who will resign next? Who will be reshuffled? Why is Pa Broon going, not going, under pressure, looking more or less relaxed, or not? As ever, where questions are not, or cannot, be answered directly, rumour swiftly takes hold.

Meanwhile, in the real world, life goes on. And here I have a confession to make: while Prime Ministers’ Questions (PMQs) was under way, I was out shopping. More specifically, I was at Aldi, making sure that there were sufficient ciabattas for weekends and days out, diet cloudy lemonade for the next warm one, and to liberate the last jars of salmon paste (which is much cheaper than the same brand at Asda).

This might sound dead boring, but it’s what goes on, and will continue to go on, whatever happens within the politics bubble. It will be little affected by changes in the Cabinet, or even at 10 Downing Street. A significant change in tack following a General Election may impact upon it, but that isn’t happening now, tomorrow, or even next week: even if Pa Broon were to be wheeled out of Downing Street, there would not have to be one until next year.

And now I have to get the washing in.

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