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Wednesday 3 June 2009

Heads Up – Election Imminent

Yes folks, in case there is anyone out there that doesn’t know, tomorrow is Election day. For all of us, there are elections to the European Parliament; for a lesser potential electorate, there are Local Government ones.

It seems that the BBC, in its wisdom, will not be in wall-to-wall coverage mode on either of the polls, but aficionados and anoraks need not feel left out: playradiouk.com has live coverage on both Friday and Sunday. The programmes are being co-hosted by Iain Dale (and there is no blogger greater than he) and Hopi Sen. Simply click on the graphic below for more.

Why Sunday? Well, although we in the UK always do polling on Thursday – because we do, so there – the rest of the EU does Euro-elections on Sunday. So the UK doesn’t start its count until other countries have closed their polls.

Paradoxically, given all the by-election coverage last year, Crewe and Nantwich will not figure on the Local Government Election radar this time, as a result of the recent reorganisation of Cheshire County Council and the six Cheshire districts into two unitary authorities.

But I’m sure there will be plenty to pick over elsewhere.

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