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Tuesday 5 December 2023

Migration - Tories Screw Up UK Again

Amid all the faux outrage over news that net inward migration to the UK was well into the hundreds of thousands, and not likely to drop to the five-figure level any time soon, few in and around our free and fearless press stopped and thought that, far from being a drag on the economy, those migrants were the only reason that economy had not fallen into recession rather earlier.

They come here, work hard, earn money, pay taxes, spend in the shops, and by doing so keep growth going - just about. But here, for the Tories and their desire to appease their right wing, a problem enters: most migrants now come mostly from outside the previously hated EU. Whisper it quietly, but most of those coming to the UK are in the Not White category.

Not, of course, that any of the papers slobbering over news of a much more restrictive immigration policy were playing the race card, you understand. After all, the policy could not be racist as the bloke who introduced it was himself Not White. That much is true, but those to whom the new rules are now being broadcast by the press certainly are. So how is it being pitched?

As ever, it was the Murdoch Sun (owned by a US citizen) and Rothermere Daily Mail (owned by a non-dom) in the vanguard, the latter proclaiming “BIGGEST EVER CLAMPDOWN ‘WILL SLASH MIGRATION BY 300,000’ … Salary threshold for foreign employees hiked to £38,000 … Curbs on care workers’ families … Now Cleverly flies out to seal Rwanda treaty”.

There was more. “JAMES Cleverly last night vowed ‘enough is enough’ as he unveiled tough reforms designed to slash net migration by 300,000 a year”. And the Sun? “Rishi Gets Tough On Migration … ACCESS DENIED … Plan to slash influx by 300,000 … PM to [the Sun] Enough is enough”. Neither title, nor any of the other right-wing rags, asked themselves the obvious question.

For the less well-off, that would be to ask how the NHS, and wider social care sector, would continue to function if the source of so many nurses and other carers were cut off. And for the well-off, which means most of the obscenely overpaid hacks and pundits feeding us this bullpucky, that would be where their cleaners, Au-Pairs, delivery drivers and baristas would come from.

Just to keep a few bigots sweet. That is how out of touch, out of ideas, and out of courage, the present Government has become. How it has to churn out unworkable and cruel policies in order to appease the press, which in turn churns out the propaganda that helps Tory poll numbers remain in the high 20s, rather than going down the chute into the teens, and then oblivion.

Indeed, quoting from a report from the Resolution Foundation - a body that gets an A rating for transparency from Who Funds You - Tom Bradby of ITV News has musedPicture a country going backwards, where workers haven't had a decent pay rise in 15 years, public services are on the verge of collapse, and the gap between rich and poor grows year on year”. Do go on.

That is how Britain was described today in a bleak and damming assessment of its economy. The failure to achieve all but negligible growth has left the average worker a simply staggering £10,000 a year worse off. And we're now lagging way behind countries we used to think of as equals. In Germany, middle income households are 20% richer than their UK peers”.

There was more. “We'd be here all night if we listed the failings identified in the 290 page report. But put simply, in almost every sector, the UK is just not productive enough”. Sam Freedman has addedthe UK is the *only* country in Europe where second generation immigrants outperform non-immigrant students. (And first generation don't do much worse)”.

He wasn’t finished: “our immigration is *actively improving* our education system (due to peer effects) … It's also making our system look more equitable because immigrants outperform their socio-economic status”. Put directly, immigration is not merely keeping the economy afloat, it’s also helping the UK in other ways. And the Tories are going to stop all that.

They fouled up the UK only partly. So now they intend to finish the job.

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Anonymous said...

Bluto cleverly really isn’t very good at anything much. I’d suggest that both him and honest Bob get seconded t’ falklands where they can tamper and interfere with as many penguins as they want.

Anonymous said...

Britain is a far right capitalist, racist, institutionally corrupt state. Rotten to the core in fact. So why be surprised at its vertical decline. Even trial by jury is under severe threat.

Naturally its owners, front politicians, administrators and propagandists blame its impoverished populace for "not being productive enough".

Wait for renewed media calls for "a strong leader" and yet another "iron chancellor".

Britain has become The Sick Man Of The World. Given its imperial and genocidal history, its lickspittle craven-clinging to the USA, there will be no sympathisers.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

What you getting for Christmas, Anonymous 17.03?
Anything nice?

Anonymous said...

“We need to look after our own people first” blah blah blah … so speak the short memoried thickies that constitute the great unwashed. We had veterans begging in the streets, people sleeping in doorways and kids missing meals long before boat people started turning up. It’s what Tories do. Inflict poverty and cruelty on the poorest and make sure someone else carries the blame. Even with a complicit media, how the fuck can people not see it?

Mr Larrington said...

The media's Tory fanboiz have had a sudden attack of o waily waily when they realised that the £38 kpa applies to their mates wanting to marry a ғᴏʀᴇɪɢɴ. Sympathy has been in remarkably short supply and often refers to face-eating leopards.