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Wednesday 14 December 2022

Mick Lynch And Sun Hypocrisy

Strike action in pursuit of pay that enables workers to put food on the table and heat their homes has been joined by more and more of those workers, and has, in the case of the rail industry, been intensified to the extent that today sees a second consecutive day of strikes, with two more days of them on Friday and Saturday. There will be more over Christmas.

Rich people are being inconvenienced AND IT'S NOT FAIR!

Support for the rail strikes does not appear to be waning: indeed, after the Government was exposed as working behind the scenes to stop improved pay deals being put to workers’ representatives and attempting to impose unworkable conditions as part of any deal, the mood among those taking action appears to be hardening. But for some, this cannot be admitted.

Which brings us to the machinations of our free and fearless press, and more specifically that part of it controlled by foreign billionaire Rupert Murdoch. Here, the obedient inmates of the Baby Shard bunker have finally cracked under the inconvenience they have suffered as a result of RMT members striking, and have launched a barrage of spite at that union’s leader.

Mad RMT Mick Piles On Misery … He pockets £84k-a-year plus perks … BUT he’s losing public sympathy … He’s losing his members £5,000 … He’s losing our economy billions … He’s even losing his own rag … YOU’VE LOST IT LYNCH” howls the headline, the supporting rant being co-authored by the paper’s alleged political editor, the odious flannelled fool Master Harry Cole.

Behold the cream of the press establishment

What colour is the pot, kettle Cole? Even though he wouldn’t recognise decent journalism if it jumped up in front of him and fly-hacked him in the undercarriage, Master Cole is not going to be trousering anything as trivial as £84k. He’ll be well into the six-figure bracket. And the rest is speculation and mere invention (Lynch didn’t lose his rag, except in Sun hacks’ imagination).

But let’s hear what the former alumnus of the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines at the Guido Fawkes blog has to tell his unfortunate readers. “MILITANT [scary leftie word? Check!] Mick Lynch lost his cool ­yesterday [lying] as it emerged rail workers are losing up to £5,000 pay [a figure which includes the number Zero] for his strikes [no. Strikes voted for by RMT members]”.

Do go on. “The £84,000-a-year union chief brought Britain’s trains to a halt [no he didn’t. His members voted to strike] amid plummeting support from the public [lying. The BBC reports support for rail strikes is unchanged in the past fortnight] and RMT members [no citation, nor will there be] for the Christmas chaos costing the economy billions [no citation. No investigative journalism]”.

Mick Lynch - demonised for doing his job

We are shown an image captioned “Walkouts will continue on Friday and Saturday, with two more 48-hour strikes in January”. But the trains in that photo are not part of any active fleet: they are stock that has been withdrawn from service and stored (the pairs of InterCity125 power cars at the right of the image are the dead giveaway). Usual Sun attention to detail, then.

But Master Cole is not finished yet. “Rishi Sunak told [he’s not in a position to instruct Lynch] Mad [mental health smear? Check!] Mick - who lost it twice live on air [lying] - to cancel the walkouts and not ruin Christmas. As offices parties [sic] were scrapped, and bars and pubs left empty, the RMT hardliner [demonisation? Check!] was urged by the PM not to ruin ‘a ­precious time for all of us’”. Sun hacks are being inconvenienced! This is serious!!

Have another go. “Rishi Sunak also urged Mr Lynch and his mob [demonisation? Check!] to ‘think carefully about their next steps’ … And he turned the screw [no. Just no] by noting support among members declined significantly compared to May’s first vote for strike action [see above]”.

Settling the action will not move these trains. They have been withdrawn from service

It’s good of Master Cole and his pals to let us know that they are suffering inconvenience as a result of strike action. But the obscenely overpaid propagandists of the Murdoch mafiosi show that they do not care about those struggling to put food on the table, or heat their homes during the current cold snap. They only care because they got inconvenienced.

Otherwise, they couldn’t give a stuff about those less well off then themselves. Today’s Sun front page is typical of the establishment class telling workers - you know, those who actually contribute to the economy - to know their place and do the bidding of the Government in which the Murdoch droids have invested the last dregs of their credibility.

The press doesn’t care about actual workers. But you knew that already.

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Simon said...

Of course one of the reasons that everyone needs more money is price rises caused by Brexit. Isn't that right Mick?

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

I would imagine that the number of Sun readers who listen to the Today programme is About the same as Jonathan Gullis's IQ, so Cole can tell them anything he likes.

A lot more, I imagine, regularly watch the fool Madeley* and, even in their benighted state, would have realised that Cole's characterisation of the 'interview' is the precise opposite of what they actually saw: Madeley not letting Lynch answer, Madeley ranting and talking over him; Lynch remaining his usual cool self; Lynch laughing at the absurdity of Madeley's attempts to both get an answer from him and not let him actually speak; Lynch's final patronising and pointed, 'Can I answer now, Richard?'.

And all this punctuated by the sound of supportive motorists beeping their horns as they passed Mick Lynch's Kings Cross(?) picket.

It was a masterclass.

* Not guilty. I watched it on Youtube

Mr Larrington said...

I've had to switch my bollocksometer off and hide it in a cupboard for fear of damage induced by whatever they’re going to say about the nurses.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

Respecting the decision of the 'independent' Pay Review Body is their main parrot line.

It's like 'respecting' your kid's independent choice of present after you've said to her: 'Let me know what you want for Christmas. The budget is 99p and no more or the family will starve'.

Gary said...

It's ironic that the subject on which Mick Lynch could actually justly be criticised, his support of the disastrous Brexit, is of course quietly swept under the rug like an embarrassing turd by the Tory press who so enthusiastically backed it.